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Any recommendations on how to keep my feet from hurting?
By ldh Comments: 2, member since Mon Dec 23, 2013
On Wed Jan 15, 2014 05:33 PM

Are there any good stretches or anything I should try?

I am on my school's ballroom dance team and I just got my first pair of ballroom shoes. I'm a lead so it's really the first time I've worn anything with heals. Now during dance it's just my toes hurting. They press up against the tip of my shoe (instructor insisted the tightness was preferred and just perfect) so with the weight bearing down on them it's like I'm dancing with stubbed toes. Now the bad part is after I take them off. After a couple hours of being in the heals when I put on my regular flat soled shoes and start walking it feels like the palm of my feet in the arch is being torn apart. Any good ideas on how to deal with this or do I just need to get used to them?