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On Tue Jan 28, 2014 07:53 PM

Does anyone like to crochet? I only recently started, I was inspired by a friend to try it out. She had made me some gorgeous flower brooches and I wanted to be able to do the same.
I knit a little but can't really do anything fancy or follow a pattern all that well I'm kinda a scarf only gal, if I'm honest it's because I get bored. I like crochet because I can finish projects pretty quickly; the pink one in the picture took about twenty minutes. (It was the second time I'd done that pattern though).
I've been doing this about a week I guess and have mastered the basic stitches and am about to go crochet crazy and do the whole house, so far we have egg cosies (from when I was learning to crochet in the round) and iPhone cases next I want to try mug cozies then a tea cosy... It's a running joke in my house that everything is cold because we don't use the heating much.
Anyway I was hoping to connect with some more crochet enthusiasts and I'm curious about your projects, what are you making and what have you really enjoyed making? At the moment my favourite thing to do is flowers but I'm looking for a bird pattern too.


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By CaffeinePremium member Comments: 3194, member since Wed Aug 08, 2007
On Sun Feb 02, 2014 03:45 AM
they look good!

I taught myself to knit and crochet a few years ago, and was hooked from the start (pardon the pun). I make kids stuff mostly: amigurumi toys, hats, teething necklaces, blankets, etc. I used to do scarves, mittens, and wraps, too, but I like quick and easy projects (and theres only so many scarves one can have!)

Here's my Ravelry page: . . . Not everything is on there -a lot of my early or improvised projects were omitted.

Ravelry have some free patterns on there - you might find a bird pattern on there.