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Healthcare career with a marketing emphasis?
By Dancecutie38 Comments: 442, member since Sun Jan 18, 2004
On Sun Feb 09, 2014 07:02 AM

Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me out, I recently made a career change from a getting a degree in marketing/public relations-communications to the healthcare industry. Right now I am working in a hospital doing administrative work-scheduling and whatnot. I do like it, however I still have in the back of my mind someone incorporating my marketing tools to help others. I really really like and fit in the healthcare industry - im a caring person and its just a better fit. I know I want to stay in the healthcare industry but want to get some advice on here if I can. I know I can continue to do informational interviews but I also wanted to come on here and see what I could get. I was thinking of possibly going back to school for occupational therapy but I did shadow at an occupational therapist and don't think i would like it too much. I am very squeamish and have a hard time handling bodily fluids (puke, even bathing someone and having to change their diapers- if they are elderly lets say) I did find that happened in the hospital when I shadowed an OT, one older lady started puking cuz of her medication and i know they say the more your around it the more it you will get used to it, but honestly i don't think so and that doesnt happen all the time. I know I can be an OT elsewhere besides a hospital, but i mean am i generalizing this too much that if I can't handle bodily fluids I should not be an OT. I am not very strong and if I wanted to help lift someone or move their arm i dont think i could do it. I dont want to start studying OT until I feel i am actually ready for it.

I am torn between also shadowing a vocational rehabilitation counselor, I honesty like the fact of working as a team/working independently and helping someone- physically and also counseling them. I like teaching an individual or a group, I am just torn on which direction to go. I know I could use some of my marketing admin skills i used to teach and help others, I want to stay in the medical field just thinking as my career as a whole I am just not sure..if anyone has any advice for me I would really appreciate it. thanks!

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re: Healthcare career with a marketing emphasis?
By dancin_til_death Comments: 4381, member since Sat May 08, 2004
On Wed Feb 12, 2014 03:24 AM
I work in a hospital in Australia and there are loads of areas that do not necessarily deal with bodily fluids. Even nurses, if you specialise you can stay away from bodily fluids. Clinical nurse consultants depending on what they do can have little to do with that stuff.

- occupational therapists - you will encounter some problems however it is largely dependent on what field you are in. For example if you worked in a team that dealt with hands. Then its unlikely you'd have problems of bodily fluid department.

- physiotherapists

- social work may be something worth exploring as well. They definitely have no interaction with that stuff

- dietitian

- psychology

- speech pathology - though you're dealing with spit here.

- admin staff; ward clerks

Another alternative may be to look at getting a masters in public health. This way you could be a part of bigger aspect of healthcare. Designing programs that are health promotion focused. For example in Australia the recent change of laws regarding to plain packaging of cigarette packages was largely an effort of researchers and policy campaigners.
re: Healthcare career with a marketing emphasis?
By Meganmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 12956, member since Wed Mar 17, 2004
On Wed Feb 12, 2014 08:09 AM
If you want to combine medicine and marketing, what about doing the pharma-girl thing? You know, pharmaceutical sales rep? It's not the most altruistic part of the healthcare field, clearly, but the money is good. I worked with a girl who did it and the perks were amazing, too.
re: Healthcare career with a marketing emphasis?
By JanP Comments: 5, member since Wed May 01, 2013
On Wed Apr 09, 2014 01:24 PM
Hi!! Just wanted to add my 2cents.... don't forget every hospital and/or healthcare facility needs team members to promote their brand. Marketing will be even more important nowadays as consumers research facilities, doctors and caregivers before they actually are seen. This might be where you could combime them both. Good Luck!!