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How'd YAGP go? (survey)
By lovedance1501
On Mon Feb 17, 2014 02:20 PM

Hello! I just finished YAGP. I was one of the youngest juniors (out of 170+) and didn't place, but received scores of 90 and 92 for my solos. However, I'd love to hear how yours went! Please fill out this survey.

- Where do you dance?
- How old are you/ what's your competition age?
- Which YAGP location did you compete at?
- Did you do a solo (if so, specify if you did classical and/or contemporary), pas de deux, or ensemble?
- What was/were your score(s)? (average)
- Did you get an award? If so, what was it?
- Are you going to finals/ were you invited?

Thanks! Happy dancing :)

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re: How'd YAGP go? (survey)
By LoveAthenaa
On Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:47 PM
I can't answer some of the questions because
A. I don't want to reveal too much about myself on the public part of the website
B. I didn't actually dance, but my studio did.

But to answer your question(s)...

#3- My studio danced at YAGP Indiana. We are actually closer to Chicago, but everything is more expensive there.
#4- Like I said, I didn't actually dance.
#5- One of our dancers placed in top 12. (She was 13.) Our ensemble placed #3.
#6 and #7- Our ensemble is going to the Finals!! The entire studio is so excited, because we are a fairly small studio.

Want to talk? I am not a member yet, but I think you can PM me? It is a little hard getting around here (some of the categories are really old, nobody posts there anymore, it seems). I see that you are fairly new, too. :)


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