Highland Vlog Continued
By FrozenGhillies
On 02/21/2014 16:32:40
Since the old thread about CompactDisco's Highland Vlog is too old, and can no longer be replied to I though I would start a new thread for answers to her Vlog questions and the like. If I am somehow wrong in doing this, I'm sorry. If you don't watch her Vlogs, you ought to, because they are fantastic! Anyways, on with the questions from the past several Vlogs. Q: Are you going to participate in National Choreography Month? A: I briefly considered it, but decided that I was simply far too busy. Q: How do you feel about Christmas Break? A: I love it, for the break from school, but this year we had almost a month without dance classes, and I really, really missed it. Between illness, busyness and sheer laziness, however, my practicing tends to be somewhat neglected. Q:What are your Highland New Year's Resolutions? A: Practice more, at least three times per week, and earn my last Beginner stamp. I stamped up in January, and had my first Novice competition last weekend. Practice is required. Q: What do you bring to a competition? A: How about I just copy and paste my packing list? Wear: -Kilt -Dance shorts -Sports bra -Dickey -Tank top -Knee socks -Toms -Sweater Garment Bag: -Jacket -National skirt -National vest -Plaid -Brooch Dance Bag: -SOBHD CARD!!! -Water bottle -KT tape -National blouse -Underskirt -Ghillies -Practice ghillies -Extra socks -White underwear -Nylons -Hair kit -Hairspray -Hairbrush -Comb -Safety pins -Bandages -Veggies -Granola bar -Leggings -Top Basically, everything that I wear, might need to wear, and things to eat and drink. Street clothes are also important, because going out for lunch or running errands in your pyjama pants is rather awkward (speaking from experience). Q: What kinds of videos would you like to see? A: Personally, I would find a competition makeup video very helpful. Perhaps some practice ideas/tips/drills and a video about the contents of your dance bag? Q: What is your competition routine like? A: Nowhere near as specific as yours! The week before I try to practice more, focussing just on my competition dances, eat healthier and take care of my various injuries. The night before I eat a good dinner and then pack my costumes and dance bag, cut up some veggies for a snack, and fill my water bottle. I also lay out my clothes for the morning, find everything I need to do my hair, and set my alarm. I also double check the competition location and how long it will take to get there. The morning of the competition I get up early (usually between 5:00 and 5:30) and do my hair (which takes AGES) and my makeup. I then get dressed, tape my shins, and eat breakfast, which is usually French toast. Afterwards, I check that I have packed everything, and take it all out to the car. On the way I like to listen to my practice music and run through all of my dances in my head. I like to arrive for the time that registration starts, which I find usually gives me enough time to get warmed up and put on my ghillies and jacket. There we have it, my answers to the questions from your past several Vlogs! I am very sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, and I hope you will be better for this weekend. Good luck!
re: Highland Vlog Continued
By CompactDisco
On 02/23/2014 17:53:28
Yay! I missed your replies!! Congrats on getting to Novice.

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