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Trying to get our ministry off the ground.
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On Fri Mar 14, 2014 09:10 PM
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Even though my husband is deployed right now we're working on getting our ministry started. We go to a pretty fantastic church here but have been called to start something else also. Turns out our church wants to implement it into something they do for outreach! So when my husband comes home we are meeting with the lead pastor to discuss this, and also a few other things. One of those other things is about my husband being the leader of youth ministry. He's been offered that position at two churches so we need to sit down and figure out what to do when he comes back.

Anyway! If you guys are at all believers in ministries such as ours, please like our facebook page! It's called Acts of Love Ministries. It's based off the book of Acts, but also just showing God's love throughout the community. Pretty self-explanatory. My husband also started a website! So go check that out too. Excuse any typos on there..he's trying to do the whole thing from his tablet all the way in Afghanistan! Haha.

On the fb page, posts signed ~K are from me, and ~B is from him. Check it out :) We want to get it known! AOLM isn't going to be limited to just our city. . . .