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Walking Dead (Since the other thread is too old)
By Spiorad
On Tue Mar 18, 2014 03:18 AM

So I just tried to respond to the other thread about The Walking Dead and I got an error message saying it is to old to reply to. I didn't think it was, the message said that the last message was over 104 days ago....

(First I'm sorry for typos and such, I am on my phone)

I need to talk with people who understand my obsession!!!!

Unfortunately it takes me a bit longer to watch the episodes beacuse I am in Austria now so I have to wait until the next day to watch it online. But anyway, what does everyone think of the last few episodes? Especially the most recent one?

Also, can I be honest? I totally have my disaster plan ready. Not just a little thing. But a full blown plan, back up plan, back up for the back up plan, and OH SHIZ PLAN for if all that fails. Anyone else? lol

Ok now for the last few episodes!
Spoiler: Show

I love watching the relationship between Daryl and Beth! I feel like that house was such a trap. No walkers anywhere, food stocked, and then OOOPS! They are right at the door!

I really want to find out where she is! But I don't think we will this season because there are so few episodes left.

I cant wait to watch what happens with Daryl and the group of vagabonds.

Now! On to the most recent episode!!!

This is ridiculous! This reminds me why in these types of situations I will avoid anyone with children even more than whatever disaster is happening.

I have known that that kid was completely off her rocker even before this, and I konw it was supposed to be a shock when all this happened, but I've been saying that they needed to get rid of her for a long time.

Everyone was freaking out hopeing Judith was alive, and I was ho-huming because the truth is they would be better off if she wasn't. Its awful, not saying its not, but its the truth.

So i don't know where its going to go from here.


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