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Getting a second dog. Maybe a chihuahua
By YumYumDoughnutPremium member
On Fri Mar 28, 2014 06:56 PM

I was considering to rescue a small dog under 6 lbs. I currently have a 15 lbs male about 3 years old. I also have a male cat who plays well with my dog.

I am hoping I can adopt a long hair cream colored chihuahua from the shelter, but my BF is disliking the idea of a chihuahua in general. He wants a mixed dog, because he feels that they are more healthy and chihuahua tends to be yappy and protective.

Should I be getting a male or a female and also what age? My current dog is very good with other dogs. Are all Chihuahuas yappy or can they be trained out of it?

I need advice for a second dog and also advice about purebred long hair Chuhuahuas in general. Grooming, personality, training, size etc.

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re: Getting a second dog. Maybe a chihuahua
By IrishLizzymember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Fri Mar 28, 2014 08:37 PM
Edited by IrishLizzy (101326) on 2014-03-28 20:48:49
If you already have a male you won't want to get another one at this point. Your home is your dog's territory and another male coming in will make him feel threatened. Definitely get a female.

As for chihuahuas, they are extremely yappy and (sorry) but they aren't the nicest dogs. I know owners love their pets no matter what, but generally speaking, chihuahuas can be aggressive and mean. Little dogs have this "big dog mentality" where they are loud and mean because they want to show off and seem like they're bigger than they are.

* Obedience training will be a must!

* Grooming is important for all pets, but especially for any long haired breed. Daily to a few times a week should be good.

* Size - TINY! They're about 5 pounds, but I've heard of them going up to 9 or 10 pounds.

EDIT: Found this site with a lot of information on this breed. Scroll down to the grey section. . . .
re: Getting a second dog. Maybe a chihuahua
By IvoryCiaramember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sat Mar 29, 2014 04:01 PM
Recommendations about sex and age are really kind of guesswork because so much depends on the personalities of the individual dogs. That said, I do usually see it said that if you're adding a new dog it should be of the opposite sex. YMMV, hopefully you can go to a shelter that will allow you to bring your current dog in for some meet and greets in order to make sure it's a good match. Google 'small dog syndrome' for some info on how small dogs have gained the reputation of being obnoxious little yappers.
re: Getting a second dog. Maybe a chihuahua
By Sumayah
On Sat Mar 29, 2014 07:04 PM
I have two chihuahuas. They're lap buddies. If you have a lap, you have a new best friend. They're both really social - they'll bark at new people when they first walk-in, but the moment you've come in a few feet they go, "Hey, they have hands! BELLY RUBS!" So, pretty much they're both really chill and friendly.

My mom's chihuahua? Ugh. Makes me hate the breed. Glad mine aren't yapper-type dogs.
re: Getting a second dog. Maybe a chihuahua
By MarlaSingermember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Fri Apr 04, 2014 06:09 PM
I love my little man, but he is a Chihuahua stereotype. Very aggressive toward anyone who enters our house that he doesn't know, very aggressive toward other dogs, completely terrified of anyone he encounters out in public, but 100% devoted to my husband and me. He does bark more than we would like, although it's a true bark that makes him sound bigger than he is, which is kind of hilarious. He has long hair, which does require maintenance. We usually keep him trimmed fairly short, actually, because his hair can get matted easily when it's long, and it's also just generally prone to getting dirty and stinky. And he's 10 pounds, which makes him kind of a monster Chihuahua!

My husband and I volunteer at the Humane Society, and there are always a ton of Chihuahuas there. People adopt them because they want a cute, tiny dog, but they are unprepared for the fact that they can take quite a while to warm up to you and usually need to be socialized a lot if they are going to be around a lot of people and animals. Even with socialization, most of them are just not going to have the friendly, outgoing personality that a lot of people are looking for in a dog.

Having said that, if you have the patience that a shy dog requires, you will absolutely not find a more devoted companion than a Chihuahua, once you've earned their trust. And they certainly are cute!
re: Getting a second dog. Maybe a chihuahua
By Krystalmember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Sat Apr 05, 2014 08:24 PM
I have a Jack Russell and stereotypically, they're obnoxious over-protective, mouthy, territorial dogs...but mine isn't. She isn't loud and only barks when someone is standing on my porch (a UPS guy, a solicitor, etc). She is pretty protective of me though and it took her a while to realize our rescue dog wasn't going to hurt me haha.

Personally I don't care for chihuahuas, and that's only because I have never met a nice one. I wish I knew of a chihuahua that wasn't a stereotypical mouthy ankle-biter. But if you break those habits early on and don't treat him/her like a human, you will be fine. I also recommend getting a dog of the opposite sex of what you currently have...usually two girls or two boys aren't the best combo although it does work if they're trained properly.

I don't think all small dogs are yappy. I think it's a mix of training and also the dog himself. Just gotta take your chances and nip bad habits before they start.


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