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almaz Russian pointes/energetiks pointes
By rose_de_noir
On Sat Apr 05, 2014 06:56 AM

Hi everybody,

I am relatively new to pointe work so my experience my experience with pointe shoes is limited.

I started out in Bloch aspirations in May of last year they were amazing when i first got them, there was no pain and they conformed to my feet and broke in nicely however they died relatively quickly and became extremely uncomfortable. i went to be refitted at Bloch and was told they didn’t have anything strong enough or suited to my foot.

So i then was fitted for grishko triumphs which were beautiful, but i wore them to one class and they turned out to be slightly too short which meant my toes were scrunching and they were unbearable.

Then out of desperation (as I had a concert the next day) I was fitted for and bought a pair of Bloch European balance. I wasn’t particularly happy with them but I was desperate. They were too soft for me but that was ok i wore them for the first time on stage and I survived. I then wore them for a few classes after that but the just weren't right.

So.... then I went to energetiks (this is a company in Australia but i have been told that their shoes are made by Russian pointe) and was fitted for a pair of almaz with a medium flexi shank and number 2 vamp. To put it simply they are beautiful they look better than any of the Bloch shoes i have worn. But I have found that whilst i am on the platform i don’t feel as though i am completely over the box which is a problem i have never had before in fact usually it the opposite I’m usually too far over the box.

Is there anyone that can help me? i would really love some information about what i can do to try and fix the problem.

Thanks in advance

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re: almaz Russian pointes/energetiks pointes
By Elindranythmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Apr 07, 2014 06:48 AM
I tried on European balance and loved the fit but just trying them on I was going too far over the box because the shank was just so soft compared to RP.

Are the Almaz a pre-arched model? I think most of their shoes are now. What have you tried to break them in? For me I find they don't need much breaking in through the arch, but I do make them very flexible at the 3/4, and I break the demi in a bit because even though the call it "flexible" it's still very solid. Once I've done that it fits my foot well until it starts to die. Other than that, it may just be that you need to get used to the stronger shank. Their "medium" shanks are much harder than other brands so it could just be that you are more used to trying to hold back rather than trying to push over.

Pictures might help!
re: almaz Russian pointes/energetiks pointes
By Lightsyouonfire
On Sun Apr 13, 2014 07:18 PM
Hmmm your situation is interesting! Bloch Aspiration, Bloch European Balance and Grishko Triumph are all shoes with square shaped boxes, intended for people with square shaped toes (or greek + square, sometimes). The Russian Pointe Almaz has a slightly tapered box, suited for those who have feet which taper slightly. Peasant, wide Egyptian, Wide Greek + Taper, etc.

Bloch Aspiration-- Square box, medium shank, low heel, wide platform, medium profile

Bloch European Balance-- Square box, medium shank, medium heel, wide platform, medium profile

Grishko Triumph-- Square box, 3 shank choices, low heel, wide platform, low profile

Russian Pointe Almaz-- Slightly tapered box, medium platform, med/high heel, low profile-- **not pre-arched, by the way**

Without knowing more about your feet, it's impossible to suggest any specific shoes. Can you tell us more or add pictures of the tops and sides of your feet when standing flat?

-What is your toe type?
-What is your arch type? Sounds like normal to high based on your comment that you usually roll over the shoe, and the Almaz holds you back
-How wide are your feet?
-Do you have compressible feet?
-What shank strength do you prefer/need?

I will say that I personally have high, flexible arches that usually push over too far on every shoe that I've ever worn. The Russian Pointe Almaz however held me back in the shoe. It never really conformed to my feet, and I was never over the box despite my exaggerated arch. I now dance in the Grishko 2007 PRO, which is similar in attribute to the RP Almaz, and I have no troubles getting over the box.

It sounds like the Russian Pointe Almaz is closer to what you need in a shoe than the square shaped shoes you've worn prior. Here are some shoes that are similar to the Russian Pointe Almaz:

Grishko Ulanova I, Bloch Jetstream, Grishko Miracle, Bloch Serenade Strong
re: almaz Russian pointes/energetiks pointes
By toji_667member has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:12 PM
Russian Pointe Safirs are the same thing, just pre-arched... . . .

I used to wear Almaz, but was unsatisfied with the arch, so I tried Safir and so I am totally in love, never going back! :)
re: almaz Russian pointes/energetiks pointes
By rose_de_noir
On Sat Apr 19, 2014 03:13 AM
Hello and thank you to all the lovely people who posted information.

Firstly to Elindranyth. No the almaz are not pre ached. so far i have used them for two classes and when it comes to breaking them in I�ve been advised to not use any "brutal" methods such as jamming them in doors, forcibly bending them or anything else like that. So due to a busy couple of weeks I�ve just been wearing them in class and suffering quietly through rises etc. I do agree that although they are a flexible shank they are still quite stiff through the demi.
to Lightsyouonfire, i have only just joined this site so i am still working out how to use it properly, pictures will be on their way shortly hopefully then it will be easier for people commenting. In all honesty i don�t know a lot about my feet, I�ve been told so many different thing by different fitters that I�m just completely confused. I do know that I have hyperextended knees however it isn�t as severe as some people, my feet are quite flexible compared to everyone else I dance with mine are always the most bendy. My feet are quite wide across the knuckle but taper in a lot towards the heel, I have a lot of trouble with shoes (including the almaz) not staying on my heel no matter what i do to the even with rosin. My arches..... I was told by one fitter that I was practically flat footed everyone else has laughed at that and said she was definitely on the wrong track but i don�t know if they�d be considered high. Toes are reasonably long the first two are the same length after that they taper. Compressible feet? -no idea? When it comes to what pointe shoes are meant to feel like I�m at a complete loss the aspirations I never had any of the �new shoe pain� that everyone else spoke of, the European balance I wore for the first time on stage for a concert and after looking at the dvd the look fine even with without being broken in so I have always had a problem with shanks being too soft. But as I said it�s hard to tell what they are meant to feel like and what I need when I've only just started really.
to toji_667, I�m pretty sure (it hard to remember as it was a really long fitting and I tried on so many different pairs) that I tried on the sapfir but found that they were more tapered that the almaz and probably too tapered for my feet. But I did think they were absolutely beautiful in a v cut.

Again thank you to everyone for trying to help me with my shoe dilemma, if you have any more questions just let me know, I will try to upload photos as soon as possible. xx
re: almaz Russian pointes/energetiks pointes
By kellyballetviol
On Thu May 29, 2014 09:21 AM
I bought a pair of Almaz pointe shoes (hard shank, vamp 2) about a month ago. They are SO stiff in the demi pointe area it's not even funny. I can get over the box but it takes a lot more effort than it usually does. I have medium arches and strong feet. Maybe the flexible hard would have been better. Just a word of caution.


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