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Company Team Structure
By tutsiecutsie
On Sat May 03, 2014 05:55 AM


I just took over a studio that I have been working at for the past 8 years. I am hoping to restructure our company teams for the Fall. I want to enter the girls in more competitions but also hire a competition coach.

In the past girls werent charged an extra fee for company if they were enrolled already in a Ballet and Jazz class.

I am looking for other ways that owners/studio have their company teams structured. Can everyone be on team? Is it an extra class on the schedule? And if so, do you charge a full hour or half hour extra?

I dont want to change too much, too fast but I definitely want to do something to cover the costs of hiring this new coach.

Any advice is appreciated!

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re: Company Team Structure
By kashmirjayPremium member
On Sat May 03, 2014 11:28 AM
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There are a million and one ways to structure these classes, which can make it difficult to find a way that works for you.

Our competition team is by audition only (and not every one makes it), then they attend separate classes because we do still have rec students. Some kids are in only competitive tap, while others are in everything.

There are "pre-requisites" for some competitive classes ie: musical theater must be taken with a jazz, even if the jazz is recreational. ALL students are required to take ballet. There is also a mandatory stretch and technique class for everyone.

They pay regular tuition for their classes, the same as everyone else, and the classes are the same length.

They pay a deposit fee at the beginning of the year which covers props and extra rehearsal time in the spring. This varies per student, depending how many competitive classes they are in.

The majority of the rest of the costs are fundraised for: costumes, entry fees, accessories. Depending on the situation, we can also cover tights and shoes if they are bought specifically for competition. But we do A LOT of fundraising, and it is hard work.

The way we organized the competition part of our school, it actually BROUGHT IN more money rather than costing more to pay for separate classes because now instead of having 1x senior jazz class, we have 1x rec senior jazz and 1x comp senior jazz.
re: Company Team Structure
By RileyA
On Sun May 04, 2014 12:57 AM
Our competitive students attend the same technique classes as the non competitive students. We train all our students to the standard of if they wanted to be professional one day no matter how many classes a week they take.

The comp team classes are an extra class on the schedule and we have a general performance team where they do jazz, song and dance, musical theatre, lyrical etc. but for each age we also have a tap team, where they do tap and so g and tap numbers and an acro team. Most kids are on all three teams for their age group.

We don't audition for our teams but instead the kids but be of a certain level and be doing a certain number of classes to attend. It is structured as such that you would not meet the requirements unless you were good enough.

We charge for the comp classes as a part of normal fees but the more hours a kid takes the less they pay per hour. So the kids doing high hours are paying more than low hour kids but less per hour.
re: Company Team Structure
By BreaMae91
On Sun May 04, 2014 08:43 PM
I do not teach competitive dance. However, I can tell you how the company was structured at the studio I grew up at.

Students auditioned to be able to compete. I am almost certain everyone made it though. I think the auditions were more to determine which level you would be placed in. Students who competed took separate classes from the recreational students. For example, we had a 45 minute tap class for children who were 6 to 8 and wanted to dance for fun, and we then we had a 45 minute tap class for children around that age (although it also depended on ability) for the children who wanted to compete. It was two separate classes that had slightly different goals i.e. one focused on competing whereas the other did not.

All students in the company had to take ballet, tap, and jazz as a minimum. They could then also take hip hop, lyrical, and pointe (although we did not compete with pointe) if they choose to. My final year in my students company they also added an hour and a half long ballet technique class that was required for all company students. It was essential a whole company ballet class where we crammed all 50 to 60 + of us in one of the studios and worked on barre, combinations across the floor, etc. without worrying about working on routines.

The company did also do two large production numbers each year. Our studio owner would typically teach bits and pieces of this routine to each class separately, and then later in the year she would setup several 2-3 hour practices with the entire company where we would put those bits and pieces together and end up with a 4 + minute company routine.

Costume fees for competitive students were handled the same as their non-competitive counterparts. The only difference was that fees were due sooner as often times we attended competitions in late January/early February and therefore needed those costumes sooner than the recreational dancers who didn't need their costumes until class pictures were taken in May and the recital in June.

Competition fees were paid by the parents at the beginning of the year or on a 'payment plan' basis where portions would be added to each months tuition.

Hope this somewhat helps!
re: Company Team Structure
By Dancin_Juli
On Fri May 09, 2014 03:18 PM
At our studio we have both a performance company and a competition team. We have a certain number of classes that they need to be taking to be a part of any team or company. They pay a monthly tuition based on the hours of classes they have. And we have an unlimited number of classes once you reach a certain number of hours. They have technique hours which both our company kids and our competition kids can take together. And then we have choreography times (some are half hours and some are full hours) that they need to attend to make sure they are ready for any performance or can rehearse their routines for competition.

For each team/company the dancer is on, they may a monthly assessment, which helps us pay for their costumes and other fees. And then we're lucky that we have a booster club that we can fundraise or the parents can write a check, and that money helps us pay for all the competitions and conventions and extra stuff.

Hope this helps!



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