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Stopped dance for a year and a month, but was placed back with the same classmates
By Bekah15 Comments: 1, member since Mon May 19, 2014
On Mon May 19, 2014 02:39 PM

I was wondering if anyone else has done this. I pretty much took off a year due to stress in school and other things, but I was placed as if I danced that whole year. Is this a good thing, or, if I had not taken off that year, would I have advanced quicker? Has anyone else done something even remotely similar to this? I have always been a perfectionist, and that is another reason I stopped; I felt like I was not "the best" I could be. It is not like I want to be better than everybody else, but I just want to feel accepted as at least an average dancer. By being placed back in with the same classmates who danced the whole year, it has boosted my self-confidence to the point that I enjoy dance again, instead of always trying to compete with myself. Another reason I had very little self confidence before is because I have Asperger's Syndrome (look it up), and I felt as if I had to prove myself to others (to make friends) by dancing better. My view of this changed because of my birth-day party; Three plus of my ballet friends who attended all wrote encouragements about my dancing, like "You are an amazing dancer", so this has helped. Also, as a side note, my dance teacher told my mom when I was about 10 (1 1/2 years after starting dance), that my technique was very good, and that she had only seen 1 other person in her teaching years (about 40 years) that had as good of technique as I did. Although she told my mom that when I was younger, she has never said anything sense, so I am starting to worry that I am losing my abilities as a dancer. I was just wondering if anyone had encouragements, thoughts, ideas, life stories, or even life lessons that would help me on which ever topic (I mentioned) you wish.

Thank you.