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Shoe questions from a beginner! (female)
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On Sat Jun 14, 2014 03:43 PM

I just had my first class and wore some very old character shoes I had lying around, so worn out leather soles + wood floor + in my entire dancing life I have rarely dancing on floor that wasn't marley = feeling like ice skating (and not in the fun way!) Anyway, my teacher suggested that I go out and get some proper shoes ASAP. I'm going shoe shopping after work on Monday, and I'm just now realizing that I know nothing about ballroom shoes, and now I've got some questions I wish I thought of before I left class.

I read online that it's best for ladies to start with latin shoes if they're only buying one pair to start off. Do y'all agree or disagree, and why? Also, do they even make close toed latin shoes? I've got weird looking pointe shoe toes and toenails and might feel slightly more confident keeping those hidden if that's an option.

How are they supposed to fit?

Other than heel height, what things would make a shoe more or less suitable for beginners?

And finally, and reccomendations? I've got small feet with square-ish shaped toes and a tapered heel.