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how to prepare for my first dance recital?
By autumndancer11 Comments: 37, member since Tue Jun 10, 2014
On Sun Jun 15, 2014 05:58 PM

we are doing "the end of the school year dance recital", and it's my first recital. how do i prepare and not be so nervous? what do i bring? and how do i not have stage fright?? we're wearing these leotards with a skirt kind of thing on it, how do i keep it in place, i know it sounds stupid, but it's kind of small(or at least it feels that way) and the other size felt to big, so i'm stuck with this one. i'm kind of freaking out here, any advice please??? i'm 13, and i started dance late, so this would be my first recital. ps. it's in 1 1/2 weeks..

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By behindbarres Comments: 84, member since Sun Mar 30, 2014
On Sun Jun 15, 2014 06:20 PM
Relax, it's just a recital. I promise you you will do great! I don't understand what you mean by the skirt- if it's too small then you shouldn't have to worry about it sliding around. If you're really worried you can safety pin it, just make sure you can't see the pins.

Pack a few days before. Make sure you have your shoes, tights, water, costume, makeup, snacks, hair spray, bobby pins, hairnets( if you need a bun) and anything else you need. Ask your dance studio if you need a nude leotard under your costume (acts as underwear and makes sure your costume isn't see through.)

Don't freak out, even if you mess up just keep dancing. Most likely no one will notice. If it makes you feel better during my recital my shoe started to come off! Just keep dancing and you'll do great. You will probably run your number on stage before the show so you can get used to the new space. If the stage is slippery, wet the soles of your shoes a little bit.

Good luck!