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Standing up from ground hips first
By lrm Comments: 25, member since Thu Aug 29, 2013
On Fri Jun 27, 2014 01:26 PM
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I realize this is an odd description, but I'm not really sure what this "move" would be called if it even has a name.

In a jazz dance we are learning, there is a part where we are on the ground with our knees bent and legs apart. Then we're supposed to, with our right arm to the front and only our left pushing us, stand up with our hips first. Once we're standing, we kind of roll our shoulders so our whole bodies are even.

I have practiced and practiced, and I still can't seem to stand up without tucking my hips underneath. It looks SO bad when I do this, because the rest of the group can do it just fine.

Any tips or advice anyone could give me would be great! I have to go to dance again tonight, and it's kind of embarrassing that I can't do such a simple move.

Thank you!