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Money Problems
By beginnerdancer
On Sat Jul 05, 2014 01:54 PM

Hello! Im 15 years old and I am starting dance this year. I used to do it for a few years until I was around 11 or 12. I have changed studios to accomodate that I have no clue what im doing anymore but I dont want to be with little kids. The problem is my financial situation. My mom is on disability and that is not a lot of money at all. Im working (babysitting and mowing lawns etc) to try to raise up money to help out. I dont want her to spend all her money on dance classes but she is still letting me do it. I feel really bad. Do you know amy places where I can get really really cheap shoes etc for dance. Also, do you have any ideas where I can make money or things like that. I made a gofundme . . . but I dont see anyone sponsering me so thats out. I feel really bad. I want to dance more than anything but I also dont want to break the bank. Help!!

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re: Money Problems
By Sumayah
On Sat Jul 05, 2014 06:32 PM
Talk to the studio about qualifying for a financial work scholarship. That means that you will be required to work for the studio in order to pay for classes. That may be in the form of cleaning the studio, helping behind the front desk, assisting lower level classes... basically it would be a job. There's no calling out because you have a test due or want to go to a party. You work for your classes. It might be that she would be able to allow you lessons or some lessons on a barter system, but you would still be responsible for fees (costumes, dress code, cover-ups (if mandatory), registration, recital). Some studios will work that out, but you have to be dedicated to it because it's not a handout, it's an exchange of services.

Check out for reasonably priced dancewear.
re: Money Problems
By taxi4ballet
On Sun Jul 06, 2014 03:33 AM
Hi, you sound really kind and thoughtful, sorry about your financial situation.

Is the dance studio aware of your money troubles? I'm sure they will be understanding.

When it comes to shoes and leotards etc hopefully you will be able to buy many of these second-hand, but please save up and buy new pointe shoes!
re: Money Problems
By Melpomene
On Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:05 AM
Edited by Melpomene (231974) on 2014-07-11 10:06:35
I definitely agree with the above, talk to your studio. Most places will gladly offer a plan.

Other ideas and ways you can earn/save on money...

-Do you have any costumes or dance items/attire that you don't wear anymore, and are in good condtion? Sell them! Ask permission to put a flier up at your dance school, or another dance school.

-Garage Sale

-Check out used clothing stores like Goodwill, Value Village etc. Sometimes one can be quite lucky and find a skirt, warmups, excercise clothing or even a leotard.

-Learn to make your own dance clothing. A friend of mind sews her own ballet skirts, and another reuses and alters socks and sweaters for warmups, for example.

-Stay on top of sales at your local dance stores.

-Find great deals on sites like ebay for slippers, tights, leotards, and so forth. Check out other online dance stores, where you can find sales, discounts, coupon specials, and free shipping.,, and so forth. Doesn't hurt to look and at least know. And indeed, there is Sites like are very expensive for people like me since I don't live in the U.S, but since you do, you are set!

And once you are educated about your own pointe shoes (Or any other shoe for that matter) and where to go, you can find great deals on them online, while still recieve safety and quality.

-Research on dance scholarships, both locally and farther. A lot of elite schools and foundations will offer financial aid for good academic grades and/or dance ability. Think about putting together a resume that consist of courses, performance background and trained styles and methods, a video, a letter of recommendation from a teacher or director, personal statement, and an application (Spefific requirements or guidelines may vary).

Hang in there, and best of luck!
re: Money Problems
By PointeStudent
On Mon Jul 14, 2014 06:32 PM
I kinda have the same problem as you! I would ask your studio for a scholarship! I have a scholarship at my own school and it helps a lot since I love dancing but can't afford it.

Ask your studio if you can do a reverse scholarship. It's basically you pay for the classes you DON'T go to.
In the beginning when my sister asked my current studio for a scholarship for me they suggested that but at the end I didn't get that because I became accustomed.

You could also ask to do work study but most studios don't do that but you could always look at other studios if it comes to that.
re: Money Problems
By gabbyballet
On Sat Jun 16, 2018 01:53 AM
I know PayLess has cheap ballet slippers ($20), of a decent quality. They're fine though, I suppose. For pointe shoes however, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy new ones. Also, always be on the lookout for sales.


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