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Hornpipe Hat Restoration!!!
By Karrenmom Comments: 145, member since Sun Dec 26, 2010
On Wed Jul 16, 2014 08:44 AM

Hornpipe Hat restoration!!! Oh, how I wish I had taken "before" pictures. My friend sent me a hat that she had ordered from a surplus store. It was dirty and had a large purple ring-shaped stain on the top. Perhaps it could be cleaned? But it was too small for her dancers and not worth trying. It fit my girl perfectly so I had to at least TRY to clean it up.
Step 1: I scrubbed it with a stiff brush and laundry pre-treatment spray. I got some brown dirt off of it and the stain faded slightly. I then tried oxygen cleaner. It helped a bit more. Once I was sure all of the dirt was off, the stain remained, although faded. The hat was still unusable.
Step 2: I happened to have some white silkscreen paint on hand. I would have used fabric paint if I didn't already have this. I put a few layers of paint on the top and a fresh layer around the sides. It now looks completely white! The canvas looking texture of the hat remains.
It feels a bit tacky when dry, just like when you rub a silkscreen image on a shirt. But I think this was a huge success for an entry level Hornpipe hat.