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replacing heel on jig shoe?
By SKdancemom Comments: 76, member since Fri Dec 02, 2011
On Sun Jul 20, 2014 08:59 AM

I should start out by saying we live in Canada and most venues are now requiring that jig shoes do not have any metal due to damage to the floors. I just bought my daughter her second pair of jig shoes. The first shoe was Angelo Luzio brand so we had the shoe repair person remove the metal plate and add a bit of rubber to the heel. He also stretched them and charged us $20 for everything. This time we bought the James Senior brand. I removed the metal plate myself, found some washers from the hardware store that I could put inside the heel to create a "jingle sound" and then brought the shoes back to the same repair person to put on a rubber heel. Now he is going to charge me $30. I challenged him on this as it was more than we paid less than 8 months ago but as he is the only shoe repair place in our town I was told to take it or leave it. These darn shoes are so expensive as it is without paying more to remove parts of the shoe that we can't even use. So frustrating!
Anyway, what do other people do when they need to replace the heel? Anyone do it themselves and where did you get your materials?