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tahitian dance tips
By jennypurr Comments: 1, member since Tue Jul 29, 2014
On Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:55 PM

i am a new tahitian dancer ( ive been dancing for 2 months , maybe a bit longer) and i know it takes time to learn these things but is there any advice you can give me ? expcially with fa'arapu's because when i do them it looks like my back is moving more than my hips or butt lol. and also with traveling, i cant seem to move and shake and the same time is really difficult. my fa'arapu s are really small and slow so is there any advice i can get to make them bigger and faster and also when i shake (fa'arapu) it looks like one side goes higher than the other and its also it doesnt look very smooth any advice or drills?