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RIP Robin Williams (karma: 1)
By Sumayah Comments: 6876, member since Wed Nov 12, 2008
On Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:07 PM

Such a tragedy.

Please, if you are depressed and suicidal, call a hotline, get in touch with a doctor, check yourself in to a hospital. You are absolutely worth it.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams. My thoughts with his family and friends, and the amazing legacy he has left behind.

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re: RIP Robin Williams
By hummingbird Comments: 10418, member since Mon Apr 18, 2005
On Tue Aug 12, 2014 03:05 PM
It is such a tragedy, the world has lost a very talented person.

I hope his death helps bring more awareness of depression and how painful it can be, not just to the general population but that it also helps people be more aware of where and how to get help when they need it.
re: RIP Robin Williams
By maureensiobhan Comments: 4728, member since Wed Dec 24, 2003
On Tue Aug 12, 2014 06:58 PM
It is sad that his talent and success weren't enough to make him happy.

He was a great comedic and dramatic actor. He did an excellent job in "Dead Poets Society" and in "Awakenings". People who saw his performance in "Mrs. Doubtfire" said his performance was hilarious. That shows his versatility as an actor.
re: RIP Robin Williams
By sjerosemember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 1263, member since Thu May 11, 2006
On Wed Aug 13, 2014 07:51 AM
His death has affected me much more than I thought any celebrity's passing would. I was very upset all day yesterday. I watched "The Birdcage" for the first time on Netflix last night, and re-watched "Hook". Apparently suicide rates increase when a celebrity commits suicide, which breaks my heart, especially since I know so many people struggling with suicidal thoughts and varying mental illnesses.

I'm going to miss him.
re: RIP Robin Williams (karma: 3)
By TheMidlakeMusemember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 11321, member since Sun Nov 23, 2003
On Thu Aug 14, 2014 07:23 AM
maureensiobhan wrote:

It is sad that his talent and success weren't enough to make him happy.

I understand your sentiment but I just want to point out that depression isn't a failure to be happy, or find contentment in your situation. It's a chronic medical condition that should be treated as seriously and with as much care as diabetes or cancer. I know you meant well but I don't want anybody with depression to read that and think it's somehow their fault.
re: RIP Robin Williams
By Moonlitefairy06member has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 7177, member since Fri Apr 16, 2004
On Thu Aug 14, 2014 01:18 PM
I've also found this has affected me more than any other celebrity death. Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire came out when I was just starting school, plus so many other great movies for kids and adults.I know it wasn't that popular but I liked his latest TV show too. The guy was just funny (yet still amazing in more serious roles). I found a Robin Williams playlist on Comcast On Demand by searching for his name and I look forward to watching some of the ones I haven't seen in a long time or haven't seen at all.

I've read a lot of articles on mental health since his death and now I can kind of see the man behind the genie so to speak, and on how he might be struggling, especially in impromptu appearances. From what I understand, his disorders caused epic highs and lows and when on a "high" is when we often saw him and he made us happy even if he wasn't happy himself. It's a sad situation and I hope it doesn't lead to more suicides. The Academy Awards posting "Genie, You're Free" was well meaning, but a bit inappropriate when you think about it for a minute. But then, I've never seen the suicide hotline number so many times on social media as I have this week though, so that's a good thing. I'm also surprised they said exactly how he did it and didn't just leave it as "asphyxiation". I'm just rambling now, but there's been good and not so good reaction to this in terms of suicide awareness.

He's left a wonderful legacy of artistic work since the mid 70's and still is in four movies that haven't been released yet. I still can't imagine a world without Robin Williams in it, especially knowing how he died, but the world was definitely a better place while he was here.
re: RIP Robin Williams
By sjerosemember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 1263, member since Thu May 11, 2006
On Fri Aug 15, 2014 07:18 AM
I found this fantastic 1-minute tribute online yesterday, and thought I'd share: . . .
re: RIP Robin Williams
By SoloJazzDancer Comments: 21529, member since Wed Jun 30, 2004
On Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:02 PM
I have a Robin Williams story. When my sister lived in northern CA for a while she took us to this comedy club. It was probably in the 1980's I'm guessing. It was small and intimate and whoever the commedian(s) were, they were funny, although I don't remember who they were at the moment. We were sitting right up front and getting ready to leave when they made an announcement that someone had made a surprise appearance in the club and they offered to do a set, so please don't leave. It was Robin! Oh my gosh but he was riot! Here is the good part. He said something and looked right at me! Now once in a while I will say something funny and someone will laugh but I was not ready to host the Tonight Show. That night I was! I said something back to him and for the life of me, I can't remember anything that was said but this went on for about 30 seconds with both of us and the audience was cracking up the whole time! When we left the club holding our stomaches cause they hurt from all the laughing, I remember thinking "I just did a routine with Robin Williams!" To this day that amazes me that I did that.

I will miss you Robin and thanks for making an audience member feel very special for one night. It was so totally cool!

Also, RIP for Joan Rivers who passed away tonight. Some people may not have liked her but I remember her for being on the Ed Sullivan Show. I may not have always understood the jokes because I was in grade school but she made me laugh anyway. I hope if they botched what procedure they were doing on her that her daughter will get some compensation.