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Travelling with dancers
By ScottishLilt
On Mon Sep 22, 2014 07:04 AM

Hey everyone,

Has anyone here traveled with their dancers to a competition?

I run a small dance school in northern Canada, which unfortunately means there are no competitions nearby. I have some very talented dancers who I think would love to compete, so I'm considering taking a trip with them (and some parent chaperones!) to a competition.

Has anyone done this? Are there any restrictions or legalities I should know about? Insurance? Obviously I will have some sort of permission slip before we go, and the parents are all very excited so that's not really an issue. The trip will involve a flight and a hotel stay.

I guess I'm just wondering what goes into planning this sort of thing. Thanks for any advice!

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re: Travelling with dancers
By Gapgirl1
On Mon Sep 22, 2014 02:26 PM
Trying again...I wrote out a whole note to you, but I received an error message...I'll try to craft it again.

I travel often with youth groups, and it is loads of fun! It really brings you together as a group, and it's so nice to see the kids having a good time!

Travelling requirements will depend on where you want to go. If you want to travel within Canada, any dancers under the age of majority will need government-issued ID (birth certificate, driver's licence, or passport), and a signed form from at least one parent/legal guardian, saying that they have permission to travel. If you're travelling outside of Canada, the dancers will need passports and the same permission form - however, this time, it needs to be signed by both parents, and notarized. The Canadian Border Services Agency has some great tips on this, as well as a suggested form to use on their Web site.

For insurance, you should check with your provincial/territorial health insurance to see if you're covered if you go to a hospital or clinic in your destination province (some provinces have agreements where patients can get free service). If not, you may need to pay a fee at the clinic/hospital, and seek reimbursement from your provincial insurer when you return home.

If you're travelling outside of Canada, you'll need to purchase additional health insurance (i.e. Blue Cross). Some of the kids might already be covered by their parents' private insurance, so there could be a savings there.

For flights, I recommend you give Travel Cuts a call. They're a student travel agency, and they can find you the best group and youth deals! Always bring your costumes and ghillies as carry on...

Hotels have group rates as well - call in advance and you can normally negotiate a great deal. Remember that it's best that kids do not sleep in the same room as an adult who is not their parent/guardian, unless you have express permission from their parents. I know that sounds paranoid, but it's a standard procedure for most youth organizations.

Once you decide where you're going, why not post a comment on here? I bet there's a dance school that would love to give you a hand with logistics.

Finally - fundraising. If you want to raise some funds before going, grocery bagging on a Saturday morning is an AMAZING fund raiser. Put a coffee can beside each check out, and have your dancers bag groceries in their outfits for a donation. You'll be amazed at how much you'll raise!

Hope this is helpful!


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