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Help with adjudicator's comments
By Dancing_B
On Sun Sep 28, 2014 06:35 PM
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Hi all,

The first of my students competed last night in a festival which is running over the next 2 weeks.

Comments received on their reports last night included "little to no dance ability", "routine was disturbing", "costume is too simple and juvenile for stage".

I don't expect my students to always receive glowing reports but is it wrong of me to assume they should at least be constructive and encouraging? I also find them way out of line considering one of the students placed second at this same festival with the same routine just 6 months ago. And she has only improved since.

My students are devastated at the comments and all confidence has left them. Is this a harsh reality of the competition world that we had not yet experienced or would you be as disappointed as I am in what has been said in the reports? Do I let my other students perform for her and have to watch them be crushed in the same way? They have worked so hard at their routines, I want them to be able to perform them but not if it is at the expense of their self esteem.

It was not just my students receiving such comments and the adjudicator refused to award more than 2 places for the section. Even then she didn't award a second place as she believed nobody deserved it.

This isn't a professional eisteddfod. Just a school holiday dance competition.

Can anybody offer some insight and advice for me?

Thanking you.

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re: Help with adjudicator's comments (karma: 1)
By colleeflower28
On Mon Sep 29, 2014 02:48 PM
From the irish dance world so my experience is quite different but as a coach I would say, try to separate yourself from the dancers and look at the comments less personally and try to view the dance more objectively., See if you can find the spots where the comments could have come from. Likely there is some truth and the delivery was just very poor.

Is the dancer doing all the steps correctly but lacking passion, stage presence, emotion or connection to the music? This could be what the judge meant by little to no dance ability. Perhaps the judge felt they weren't dancing but just going through the motions.

What was the story of the dance? Could it be offensive to some particular culture, religious or ethnic group? Could it have a theme that is re-traumatizing to someone who has lived the experience?

How old was the dancer wearing the juvenile costume? What colours is it? Is it age appropriate?

The judge may have been rude, unprofessional, whatever you want to say, but it will do you and your dancers no good to discredit their opinion because of a bad delivery.

It's hard not to take things personally when you put so much time and energy into a routine but try to look a little more objectively and see if you can find areas for your dancers to improve


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