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Warm mist humidifier vs. Cool mist humidifier (3 days)
By Spiorad Comments: 2156, member since Sat Jul 22, 2006
On Wed Oct 01, 2014 08:34 AM

I have not been able to sleep for about 3 days and I could not figure out why. I have HORRID season allergies between February - May, but not, usually, around this time. Only that's what it is.

Something in the air is just driving me bonkers. I have been trying to figure out what it is and doing all the usual things to make the house a "safe place" (ie dusting religiously, vacuuming, washing my bedding really well etc.)

But I finally realized that the reason I haven't been able to sleep is because I am so congested at night that I end up sleeping with my mouth open. So this leads to my mouth and throat being so dry that I wake up several times a night needing to drink water.

I have been meaning to get a humidifier because I've heard that can really help, but every time I go to actually buy one, I am completely overwhelmed by how many options there are.

But I need something to help me get some relief because I need to sleep! ugh!

So can anyone give me any advice on which style of humidifier is best?

I'm leaning more towards a cool air one so that I can also use it in the summer when my allergies are at their worst, it gets over 35 degrees Celsius on a normal day and my crazy mother refuses to turn on the air conditioner. During that time ANY type of extra heat is unacceptable.

But yeah, I really want to get one in the next few days so that I can hopefully get some rest.

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re: Warm mist humidifier vs. Cool mist humidifier (3 days)
By FeisForFoodmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 2956, member since Mon Jul 17, 2006
On Wed Oct 01, 2014 08:40 AM
I've been told cool mist ones are safer because they're less likely to have problems with mold. Warm, moist environments are perfect for mold growth so you have to be extra careful about cleaning those often and thoroughly.
re: Warm mist humidifier vs. Cool mist humidifier (3 days)
By CaffeinePremium member Comments: 3194, member since Wed Aug 08, 2007
On Wed Oct 01, 2014 07:44 PM
Last winter we used a warm mist humidifier in my son's bedroom, and it was great. Unfortunately it was quite old (used when I was a kid!), and eventually it died.

We tried a cool mist humidifier this winter, with less than spectacular results. With a cold house and cool mist, everything within a metre radius of the humidifier ended up saturated, and it didn't seem to help relieve his cold symptoms and help him sleep at all. If your house is warm, that may not be a problem, but we had no heating over winter, and the cold mist just made a bad thing worse.