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TEACHER'S ADVICE PLEASE! Me- 20 years ballet, now ballroom. My partner- never danced!!
By ballet2ballroom Comments: 1, member since Wed Oct 29, 2014
On Wed Oct 29, 2014 02:05 PM
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Hi guys, been so long since I posted here that I had to set up a new account!

I took ballet for over 20 years (showing my age now) and have started taking ballroom and competing too.

My partner this year however, has never danced before.
He shows great potential but hasn't quite grasped how to "hold" himself while dancing.

He has fairly good core strength, but despite a demo on how to stand in first position/the pull up-push down thro the floor/feel as if you're zipping up your jeans mantras...I can't get through to him. He tends to get a bit wavy between the steps.
The result of this is that in waltz/quickstep his shoulders rise DRASTICALLY!
Latin: he has great hip movement, but tends to "hop" onto his forefoot in Cha and Rumba,again the issue with the shoulders.

I don't want to put him off as he is really enthusiastic, I'm used to practicing over and over and corrections but he isn't.

All advice welcome, thank you! xxx