Period and dance concert= help!!!!
By Rachdances
On 11/28/2014 20:57:56
Hi, I have my dance concert in two weeks, my period was due on the 20th of November and hasn't come yet? Anyone know what I can do to like induce it or whatever to ensure I won't have it for the concert?! Aus.
re: Period and dance concert= help!!!!
By Sarahdncr
On 11/30/2014 06:11:58
Sorry to tell you, but your period can not be induced. It's just not physically possible. However, it is physically, (well actually chemically) possible (though probably too late for you to do anything about it for your up-coming dance concert) to keep periods from occurring in the first place. So you may want to speak with your mom/dad and doctor about you going on some type of hormonal birth-control that will only give you a period once or twice a year. If you are very young, then this may not be possible anyway. But if you are a serious dancer and your periods are getting in the way of you performing, it is at least something to think about. So, for right now, your best offense against your period coming when you do not want it just a good defense. So be ready for it now, and have your pads, tampons, or whatever ready to go and have them nearby as you go about your concert rehearsals and the performance itself. Normally your body will give you a bit of notice that your period is starting shortly, and I am sure you already know by now what those signs & symptoms feel like. Hope this helps.
re: Period and dance concert= help!!!!
By Ristoncor
On 12/07/2014 17:09:02
If you're not exactly certain when you're going to get it, keep protection handy. Carry pads/tampons with you (wearing a thin panty liner while you're waiting to protect you from it happening unexpectedly helps) and carry extra tights/leotards in case the one you're wearing gets stained. Wearing a panty liner should help for when you first get it, and then you can use whatever else you have on hand once you know you have it.

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