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Food for my dad. (karma: 2)
By SoloJazzDancer Comments: 21529, member since Wed Jun 30, 2004
On Sat Nov 29, 2014 08:05 PM

About 4 months ago my dad weighed 90 lbs. and coughed when he ate. They said it was acid reflux and put him on a pill but it wasn't helping. That was the only thing that was wrong with him. He was 90 at the time. His doctor wanted us to call Hospice in but we knew there was more we could do for him. He went in the hospital for a week where they put a feeding tube in him and he went into a nursing home where he learned throat and physical therapy exercises. He went from eating through the tube with an IV and then us learning how to feed him through the tube ourselves to now eating some foods. He can drink nectar thick liquids, which he loves. He eats my fluffy, buttery, full of milk or cream or half and half scrambled eggs, my creamy sauced filled mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with butter and milk and gravy on them, my sisters thick soup that she made, meatloaf as long as it's really moist with gravy & mashed up, pancakes, cream of wheat and anything that's really mashed up in the blender and kind of thick but with gravy or some kind of something to make it juicy and moist. It can't be dry. The last time we weighed him he weighed 118! Tonight he ate some turkey and stuffing in the blender, sweet potatoes mashed up and some of my pumpkin cheesecake! That's more then he's eaten in a long time. He's starting to get an appetite back! I'm so happy! Sometimes he coughs a little when he eats but not like he used to. We have VNA come in and someone watches him eat and does his throat exercises with him.

Can anyone else think of any recipes that would be yummy that I could feed him?He's missing a bridge in his mouth so he can only chew on one side. He wants to get one that fits his mouth soon as his old bridge didn't fit him well at all when he lost all that weight. He's now 91 and we are hoping that we can get to where he can eat more food and not have to feed him 4 times a day though the tube.

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re: Food for my dad. (karma: 1)
By Tansey Comments: 2367, member since Fri Mar 27, 2009
On Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:10 AM
We went through this with my stepfather in his early 90s. He started aspirating liquids. We had to add thickener to his coffee and to soups. I think it was called Simply Thick. I hope things get easier for your dad once he gets the new bridge. It sounds like you are taking very good care of him.
re: Food for my dad.
By SoloJazzDancer Comments: 21529, member since Wed Jun 30, 2004
On Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:04 AM
They did that with him at first. We have 2 whole containers of it. Ours is called Thickit. He hates it! They were giving it to him in his juice and he wouldn't drink it. He made us taste it and it was gross. Since he can have nectar thick liquids we buy juice that says "nectar" on it. They are perfect for him. So is V-8 because that too is the right thickness. We are taking very good care of him and thank you for saying that we are. I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything we could give him that he could eat like a good pudding recipe or soup or something like that. For Thanksgiving he had turkey & stuffing with gravy in the blender on puree setting. The sweet potatoes were extra soft so he ate them. He might also have had mashed potatoes with gravy. I made a pumpkin cheesecake and he loved it! He couldn't eat the crust but he devoured the cheesecake part.

Thanks for telling me about your relative. Dad turned 91 in Nov. and nobody ever thought he would eat like he is. God had been so good to all of us!
re: Food for my dad.
By shmcdona Comments: 857, member since Sat May 01, 2004
On Tue Dec 02, 2014 08:35 AM
There are some god chocolate pudding recipes that use avocado. I haven't made them yet, but I know some who swear by them. YOu could google that.
re: Food for my dad.
By ChristinePremium member Comments: 6817, member since Wed Feb 04, 2009
On Tue Dec 02, 2014 09:39 AM
My daughter had oral surgery years ago and couldn't chew for 6 weeks... doctor's orders.... it was amazing how much odd stuff with some sauce will stir up in a blender.

Her favorites were Chineese food, fruit salad, and corn chowder.

God bless you and your family. You are a good daughter. This "end zone" thing is really the hardest part of life. I'll pray for you.


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re: Food for my dad.
By SoloJazzDancer Comments: 21529, member since Wed Jun 30, 2004
On Tue Dec 02, 2014 09:27 PM
I remember those times with teeth. I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at once. I don't remember the first 2 days because I was so sick and almost passed out most of the time. Then for 4 more days all I could eat was baby food, mashed potatoes and applesauce. We never thought of doing anything in the blender for me. I like your ideas. I'll have to do that for him.

Thanks for your prayers. Like I think I said before, his doctor wanted us to call Hospice because of his swallowing problem and because he weighed 90 lbs. He had nothing else wrong with him! If I was any other kind of person I'd have said "Okay, call them" but I knew he was basically okay and it wasn't his time to go yet. Of course it isn't his time to go and his appetite is coming back. The problem as I see it now is he gets fed a can and a half, which is a cup and a half 4 times a day. He is basically on a liquid diet so he pees all the time. They want us to feed him food 3 times a day but 1 1/2 -2 hours after we feed him through the tube. He's sometimes not hungry so he doesn't eat 3 times a day. We try to feed him high calorie things so he will put on more weight. That's why I am asking for things that I can feed him. I wish they would reduce either the amount of times he gets fed or the amount of cans he gets. Then we could feed him more high calorie foods and he would put on more weight.
re: Food for my dad.
By Theresamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 34891, member since Wed May 22, 2002
On Thu Jan 08, 2015 11:13 PM
My FIL went through chemo for leukemia for years, and after one of the rounds of treatment, all he wanted to eat - all he could even muster an appetite for - was ice cream. So I googled and found this list; . . .

of "high calorie, high protein" ice cream shakes. You might be able to make use of some of these too, especially if your dad is known for his sweet tooth. :)