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split on adult dancer....
By portdebras Comments: 21, member since Tue Dec 02, 2014
On Tue Dec 02, 2014 09:35 AM

i'am 37 years old.
i would like understand if there are dancers that started to study dance to 30 years and they worked on split exercise.
i have again a problem for complete split on 2 sides

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re: split on adult dancer....
By newballetdancer Comments: 4, member since Thu Nov 20, 2014
On Thu Dec 04, 2014 01:22 PM
I'm hitting mid-30 exactly next week (35) and while I haven't been stretching long enough to get my splits yet, I have little doubt that it's definitely possible for me to get them. I think it's going to take much longer than had I kept a stretching routine as a younger person (I've had a lot more years now to build up tension in my body), but I'm confident I will get there with practice. I've already noticed a definite increase in my flexibility- that's in only two months time, and my stretching isn't quite "routine" yet- an area I need to get more disciplined in! For instance, I have never in my life been able to touch my forehead to a straightened knee, but I can now (when warmed up)!

I said I've built up tension over the past 35 years, and that doesn't mean just where my normal "split muscles" are. I'm starting to learn that tension in ALL areas of my body can affect my splits and other movements I want to do. For instance, clenching my teeth may affect how deep my split is. I'm reading a book that's been recommended in a bunch of places I've come across, and I would definitely recommend it as well: Conditioning for Dance by Eric Franklin.
re: split on adult dancer....
By portdebras Comments: 21, member since Tue Dec 02, 2014
On Tue Dec 09, 2014 07:37 AM
thankd for your feedback.
i have the same experience with my body.
after 6 years of ballet. i learned to understand and know my body on the movements. sure, the split is better than 2-3 years ago but i hope to make all split. i know is very hard for adult boy but it could be a big results for me.