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Buying Swarovski Stones
By sbartlett13
On Wed Dec 03, 2014 03:34 PM

My new dress will be arriving soon! UNBLINGED. Since this is our first time ordering this way we have never had to purchase ALL of our stones before.

I was wondering where/how some you get your stones from and how many you usually order at a time. I figure since we are the queens of the rhinestone business, I would ask you guys first.

Thanks everybody!

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re: Buying Swarovski Stones
By GannTheGloriousmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Wed Dec 03, 2014 06:03 PM
I haven't blinged a solo dress, but I've used 1000s of crystals on other sewing projects over the years, so here is my advice.

Buy from Dreamtime Creations, they have awesome selection, ship like lightning (at least in the us), and sometimes have sweet coupon codes. I believe they have a formula for calculating the number of stones per square inch in their customer service section, just measure out the area where you want the stones and round up. Also, from what I've seen most DMs include 200ish stones in the base price, so that should be a good idea of a low bling starting point. Also also, I believe most people use ss20 for the marjority of stones with big ones to highlight.

If you want colors, ask around if any moms or TCs. have a color chart. If not, I highly recommend buying one. Either see if you can return it when you know what you want or share with the school.
re: Buying Swarovski Stones
By blondcat
On Wed Dec 03, 2014 06:31 PM
I have used Dreamtime Creations and Rhinestone Guy. Both ship very quickly. There is an Ebay seller, Formal and Pageant something, that has some nice czech stones.

I use 30ss on the body & sleeves, 20ss to highlight embroidery & large (40ss and higher) as needed. The large pear shaped stones can run $2-$3 each.

Maybe once you receive your dress, post a picture and let the bling experts make suggestions so you can get bang for you buck.
re: Buying Swarovski Stones
By rosalinde
On Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:33 AM
Congratulation on getting your dress.

You'll go through stones like water. My dress has 1600 stones (ss34), most of my friends' dresses have 2000+ stones. Do not underestimate the amount of stones you're going to need, order plenty! 10-15 gross of ss30 stones is nothing unusual.

Dreamtime Creations is fantastic. I'm in Europe and I get mine within a few days of ordering (I always choose the cheapest mail option too). Only go for Swarovski, or Preciosa at a pinch > the difference between Swarovski and cheaper stones may seem trivial, but it does make all the difference.

If you want generic bling, go for ss20 (for thin lines) or ss30 Crystal stones. Crystal gives the best bling. ss20 on soft skirts (ss30 is too heavy). You can use coloured stones as well if it's very important that the embroidery colour isn't diluted, but remember that the darker the stones, the less they sparkle.

The pear shaped stones are expensive, but if your dress has the embroidered shapes, you really do need them. Sew them on!

Apart from stones, you'll need glue (GemTac or E6000) and a wax applicator. Do not buy HotFix stones!
re: Buying Swarovski Stones
By krisinstitches
On Thu Dec 04, 2014 07:40 AM
LOVE Dreamtime Creations!

I used mostly 40ss and 34ss on my dd's latest dress, with a bunch of 10mm and 12mm rivoli stones. It is very easy to both over and under estimate how many crystals you need (I've done both, of course), but if time isn't an issue, order conservatively, for when you realize that you need more, you'll have a pretty good idea of how many more you'll need.

I tend to use AB stones on warmer colors, clear on cool colors.

The amount of stones you use can also be level-dependent. If you're a PW level dancer, you don't necessarily want it as blinged out as an OC dress.

One final thing to note: A couple of orders I placed in late October/early November took forever to arrive via the 2-day priority US mail shipping option. (One shipment took 7 days from the time it left Dreamtime to the time it arrived at my door.) I let Dreamtime know, and they told me that the post office their shipments usually go through was having issues and was going to be shutting down. If time is a factor, I recommend UPS for now.

Hope this helps!


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