Competition Team for a Small Studio?
By dancer64
On 12/25/2014 13:47:04
How do you determine who competes at a small studio? Invitation or Audition? We used to invite entire classes but now that the classes are larger that is not possible(always a few that aren't ready) We have done auditions but this year they are really slacking once they have made it. This makes the stronger dancers not want to compete. Was thinking of going back to invites only. Based on your entire year. THose of you that do invites only how does this work?
re: Competition Team for a Small Studio?
By sillyfeet482
On 01/25/2015 12:38:02
Definitely invitation. Be prepared to let the ones who you don't invite know what your expectations are and how they can improve- what goals should they have to be invited next year? They have to be easily measurable though- spell it out. You have to have a double pirouette on your right, with a proper spot, shoulders back, arms nice and round, knee high, toe pointed and connected, standing leg straight and on a high releve. Although they will still be pissed, parents seem to respond well to specific goals.

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