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What songs is your studio using this year?
By Lindsay_123
On Wed Dec 31, 2014 09:52 PM

What songs are your studios using this year? Here are the songs my studio is using for competition:

Troublemaker (jazz) solo
Feet don't fail me now (tap) small group
Dance with me tonight (jazz) solo
Thank you for being a friend (lyrical) trio
Annie (musical theatre) production number
Just girly things (hip hop) solo
Alice (ballet) solo
Let me entertain you (musical theatre) duet
At the hop (jazz) small group
Last day on earth (contemporary) solo
Salute (hip hop) duet
Marines hymn (ballet) small group
Bend and snap (musical theatre) trio
Not about angels (lyrical) solo
My best friend's brother (jazz) solo
Little bitty pretty one (tap) small group
The popular song (jazz) solo
What is this feeling (musical theatre) duet
Stuff like that there (tap) solo
One day more (open) production number
Bubblegum boy (hip hop) solo
The gospel truth (musical theatre) small group
My first kiss (jazz) duet
Men in black (acro) large group
Open waters (ballet) solo
Bewitched (contemporary) solo
One in the same (jazz) duet
She's no good (jazz) small group

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re: What songs is your studio using this year?
By Natashamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member
On Thu Jan 01, 2015 02:25 PM
I can't speak on behalf of the other teachers and their numbers, but I am personally choreographing the following:

GREASE - musical theatre production
True Colors - beginner lyrical group
Bellhop Boogie Remix - intermediate jazz group
Breathe Me - intermediate contemporary group
Bang Bang - inter/adv jazz group
Lay Me Down - inter/adv contemp/lyrical group

re: What songs is your studio using this year?
By Ristoncormember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Mon Jan 26, 2015 09:40 PM
Morning Papers - Jonathon Strauss (Ballet)
re: What songs is your studio using this year?
By hummingbird
On Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:21 PM
These are some of mine.

Pre School Boys 'Laughing All the Way to the Bank' from the Dukes of Hazzard album and Ain't No Cure for the Summer Time Blues.

Pre school girls, The Lonely Goatherd, Up Up and Away and Driving in My Car sung by the Wiggle Worms. The others are all stock pieces from the syllabus we use.

Six year old ballet, jazz combos are doing Yankee Doodle Dandy, Honour to Us All and Kung Foo Fighting spliced together and Le Festin

Ours is a young school so we only have up to older junior classes so far and they're doing Hoe Down from Rodeo, Snowflakes from Nutcracker and Poker Face played by the Vitamin String Quartet. I also have two solos, one is from Scheherazade and the other is Songs My Mother Taught Me by Dvorak.

My other dances are only for recital and I've still got to totally make up my mind what they're going to be, I'm trying to work out of I want to use the Laser Dance from Oceans 12 for an acro group but I still can't decide if that's what I want to do.


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