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What does SAB look for in scholarship students?
By sabdreamer
On Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:44 AM

I really want to attend SAB, but I think I'll need a scholarship

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re: What does SAB look for in scholarship students? (karma: 1)
By fuzyfish
On Sun Jan 04, 2015 07:01 AM
Then I hope you are a boy.
re: What does SAB look for in scholarship students?
By balletboyrhysmember has saluted, click to view salute photos
On Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:02 AM
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funny and true fuzyfish.

SAB is one of the top ballet schools in the nation and is accordingly selective. When looking for summer students they are looking for all the things any good ballet school is: strong and/or clean technique, good musicality, artistry, nice lines etc..

On top of all that, SAB is THE Balanchine school and his aesthetics for movement and body type are very influential into what goes on there. Balanchine favored speed, athleticism, and the ability to go to extremes by his dancers alongside a specific body type. The Balanchine ballerina has a smaller head, and is tall and thin with long legs and neck. She has high arches and a willowy frame. A keen ear was also highly prized by Balanchine, so he also loved musical dancers.

Some of these things you can work on, some you are born with. As a school SAB (like most other ballet schools) is looking for dancers who fit this mold, however, there is another factor that its always considered. The "IT" factor. That indescribable quality a dancer can possess that catches your eye, regardless of technique or facility.

A scholarship student at SAB will possess some or all of these qualities. Having strong pointe work won't hurt either (depending on your age) since the training at SAB requires girls to wear pointe shoes basically at all times after a certain point in their training.

I went to the SAB summer program with a scholarship years ago. i had a great time and I learned lots. In my life I've attended many summer programs and while SAB is a wonderful place that wasn't my favorite workshop. If you don't get in, don't sweat it. there are plenty of other great SIs out there and theres always next year! SAB is one of the most difficult summer programs to get accepted to but that doesn't necessarily mean its the best for you! the place where you fit in the best and can work your hardest is where you need to be.

hope this was helpful and good luck!


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