Drama mama from another studio contacting my teachers
By sillyfeet482
On 02/11/2015 12:58:14
Last year drama mama pulled dancer out of my studio because I "set her up for failure". Not at all true- obviously- she was mad bc I refused to freeze out another student and play favorites with her kid. One of those- sad to see the kid go, but definitely glad to see the mom go- moments. We're competing against her new studio this weekend. Drama mama has privately contacted two of my teachers im with details of her daughter's performance times, requesting that they "be sure to watch" and "give feedback" etc. The whole thing is completely inappropriate and really weird. It puts my teachers in a really bad position. They are both awesome and have immediately come to me to ask how they should respond. How do you deal with this delicately? I don't want to crush the (very sweet and pretty innocent) dancer, but my teachers can't be going out of their way to watch other kids dance??? What would you do?
re: Drama mama from another studio contacting my teachers
By hummingbird
On 02/11/2015 13:47:01
How's your relationship with the kids new studio? Here's several possible options. I know if this was happening with an ex student of ours we would probably get in touch with this studio and tell them what had been said, they would probably be as upset as you about this parents approach. Otherwise I would just send out an email to the mom telling her to cease contact with your staff unless she wants to pay them for their feedback. Another thought would be to get your instructors to email the mom back telling her what their fees for this service would be, I'd put money on them never hearing from her again ;)
re: Drama mama from another studio contacting my teachers
By Hornpipe5
On 02/12/2015 09:12:36
Honestly, give the teachers permission to tell the mother that it's not appropriate to contact them privately now that they are no longer students at your school. I had this happen with a family that left and contacted one of our teachers, and that's exactly how she handled it. She explained to the mom that she wished them the best in her new situation, but that her loyalty was to me, and that it wasn't appropriate to contact her. That certainly shut it down, and I didn't even get involved. The mom won't even make eye contact with any of us now :)

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