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Choosing an experience level for dancer at competition?
By DMF_13 Comments: 4, member since Fri Jan 20, 2012
On Sun Feb 22, 2015 09:00 PM

This is my daughters third year in dance. Second year in competition. She was placed in the intermediate category last year but received a very low score and I believed she was not ready for that level but had to enter because that's the level her group was in. This year she has improved but only in her turns, going to be honest. She can do several turn combinations
8 seconds
8 fouettes
any combination of the two
No more then a double pirouette though..
and fairly clean but still is very beginner like in the rest of her dance. The extra competition she gets to choose what level she competes in. According to the website she should be in beginner, but her level of turns is intermediate (to me) while the rest of her dance is kiddish. Any advice in which level to put her in? Thank you!