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Applying for dance college as a mature student
By mieka Comments: 26, member since Sat Feb 21, 2015
On Sun Mar 01, 2015 04:23 AM
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Hello everyone,

I've been dancing on and off for the past 10 years, I have very few exam grades to my name (I got RAD grade 5 when I was about 12) but I work around the level of intermediate ballet. I currently live in the UK.
My problem is that I would really like to go and study at a college/conservatoire for dance, despite being 20 years old and average at dance. I'm not bad, but I'm not anything special. I really want to teach dance, I know that I'm not up to ever performing in a company.

I've been doing chinese classical dance for a while now and I love it, but it's meant that I'm now behind on my ballet technique and very few places offer chinese classical dance, so I'm looking for a school which does not focus exclusively on ballet, more contemporary/ballet mix.

I'm wondering what tips people have for someone like me, who is above the average age of entry to these college level programmes; is there extra work I should/could be doing? Are there intensives I could apply for? (bear in mind I do not have a high level of ballet at the moment, but I do have a lot of dance experience in general), are there certain places that are way too selective?

I've looked at some places like the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, RAD School, Rambert School of dance and so on but they seem very selective and focused predominantly on ballet.

Any tips? It's a bit of a life crisis as I no longer enjoy much else other than dance!

EDIT: Just to add some extra info, I dance around 8 hours a week. I'm physically very fit having previously been a swimmer at regional level (about 20 hours a week). I'm flexible with reasonable turnout, all my splits and head to toe etc.