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Boy outfit help!!
By Missrebekah Comments: 2, member since Fri Feb 27, 2015
On Wed Mar 04, 2015 05:58 AM

I apologize for asking a question that has already been asked, but I can't post on the older one, it's been too long.

In the end, how did sewing with the folk wear Prince Charlie jacket go?

And do boys ever wear plaids? Like on their shoulders? We live in maritime Canada, and there are 3 boys registered to dance in our province. I need help! Thank you!!!

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re: Boy outfit help!!
By aamum Comments: 49, member since Mon May 10, 2010
On Wed Mar 04, 2015 07:21 PM
We are in BC and there are several boys of varying ages competing at high level (from BC and from WA state). I have never seen a boy wear a plaid, though it is still acceptable I believe, according to the SOBHD dress code. I have not tried to make a PC using the Folkwear pattern. It really needs to be very well constructed so that it doesn't flap around or ride up when they dance. With my boys I started with an off the rack PC, which I altered to narrow the shoulders and tighten the fit a bit, and then moved on to custom made PCs. They are expensive but look great without moving around in a distracting fashion as they dance. In pre-premier they wore store-bought black vests (eg. Walmart or Sears or whatever) and I just switched out the buttons with the silver highland buttons that you see on the PCs and on the girls jackets. They were just fine.
re: Boy outfit help!!
By Smetana Comments: 49, member since Thu Jul 04, 2013
On Mon Mar 30, 2015 09:27 PM
We are in BC as well and my boys are just starting out. Good idea about switching to the silver buttons on the vests! Never thought of that and just left them plain.
re: Boy outfit help!!
By LoriCook Comments: 1762, member since Mon Aug 17, 2009
On Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:36 PM
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I would not invest in a jacket until you absolutely have to unless you can find one second hand. I've had good luck on since boys frequently wear them for weddings in Scotland. I've never seen a handmade one in my area, that I know of.
re: Boy outfit help!!
By tlchallman Comments: 5, member since Wed Mar 12, 2014
On Mon May 25, 2015 06:42 AM
I bought my son's PC from Tartanista on the internet. They were a fair price, and the jacket and doublet are well constructed. I haven't used the Folkwear pattern (I considered it), but you should be a fairly confident seamstress to tackle a fitted jacket :)
I have never seen a boy or man wear a plaid during competition. We compete in Alberta and Sask.
re: Boy outfit help!!
By FrozenGhillies Comments: 33, member since Mon Jun 17, 2013
On Mon May 25, 2015 07:10 PM
According to te SOBHD Dress Code (2014) a "belted tartan plaid" may be worn with the kilt and jacket. However, I have never seen one worn, either in person (Alberta) or in any photo or video.