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Do you buy fruits, veggies or meat that is just about to go bad?
By SoloJazzDancer Comments: 21529, member since Wed Jun 30, 2004
On Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:14 PM

Our local Super Stop and Shop has shelves in the back of the store where they have fruits and veggies that are about to go bad or have one tiny spot on some of the fruit or peppers. I am always looking over there whenever we go into the store. They are usually deeply discounted too. 2 weeks ago I got 3 bags, 2 lbs. each of fresh green beans for 99 cents each! I had to cut something off of some of the beans and threw away altogether about 8 beans total in each bag. Some of the beans were a little slimy so I rinsed them off a bunch of times and dried them off. I then steamed them and put them in zip lock bags. I gave some to both of my sisters and kept some for us. We all froze them. We've already eaten some and they were so yummy! Another time they had a bag of red, yellow and orange peppers, 5 in all I think for $1.99! I diced them up, bagged them up and froze them to use in casseroles and other dishes like the one pot pasta, peppers, onions and sausage I made.

At our Big Y they had some Perdue Chicken Thighs that had a $2 off coupon on them. I knew they were going to go too so I bought them. I needed them for a recipe but I didn't know when I would make it. They were promptly frozen. They also had this deal on mild Italian sausage from CT which is where I live and it had a cents off coupon from the store. We bought the last 3 packages and froze them.

I remember seeing a Food Network program about all the food we waste every day. The meat they were throwing away made me cry! This was in NY so it's not like I could just make a trip over to get some because I so totally would have and I would have gotten some for my sisters too. I would have gotten some for our homeless shelter but we have a law in CT. Any leftover food from a store or a restaurant cannot be given to a homeless shelter because someone might get sick and sue. Homeless people eat out of garbage bins. I'd say that other food is safer.

Do you buy any food that is going bad and use it in a recipe or freeze it? Sometimes there is just nothing that I want and other times, like the times I got the green beans, the colored peppers which by the way I used all of and didn't cut any bad parts out because there wasn't any and the broccoli for $1.39 and my mom didn't have to throw away any of it either, we really got a deal. Who knows what else they throw out that we don't know about but I take those deals when I can.

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re: Do you buy fruits, veggies or meat that is just about to go bad?
By majahayes Comments: 94, member since Mon Dec 01, 2008
On Sat Mar 14, 2015 07:18 AM
I do too. The other day I was made zucchini bread, I went to the store and checked the quick sale vegetables. I got a huge bag of zucchini for 50% off. I grated all of it and made two loaves and froze the rest in measured ziplock bags. I have enough in the freezer to make 4 more loaves. I also freeze fruits and vegetables I have at home that are going to go off before they're eaten.
re: Do you buy fruits, veggies or meat that is just about to go bad?
By SoloJazzDancer Comments: 21529, member since Wed Jun 30, 2004
On Sat Mar 14, 2015 02:22 PM
Glad to hear someone else does this too. There are so many people who ae hungry a lot that I feel it is such a sin to throw food away if we don't have to.

In my preschool a lot of the food they serve the kids (Head Start) is not fresh it's usually canned. If the kids didn't lick the spoon, sneeze on the bowl or put their hands in the bowl, why won't the teachers take it home? It usually goes in the garbage unless I take it home. Now I am not usually a fan of canned green beans but I have a great recipe to doctor them up that I take them home and do that. The food we waste is so sinful! I'm a sub so I am not there a lot but when I am, I always bring home food. Its better that it goes in my fridge or freezer or my parents or my stomach then the garbage, which is where it usually goes. Can you believe the kids made fresh butter and they gave it to me, no one wanted it? It was a million times better then the butter I buy!
re: Do you buy fruits, veggies or meat that is just about to go bad?
By Theresamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 34923, member since Wed May 22, 2002
On Sat Mar 14, 2015 07:17 PM
I will, if I know I'm going to use it quickly, and I've got the space for it. Like right now, my freezer is wall to wall, I couldn't fit anything in there if I wanted to. So there'd be nothing going in there, near the expiration date or not.

But like, one day last summer, we knew we wanted to grill out, and my husband went up to the store. They had two great big steaks near the expiration date, that we knew we were going to eat that night anyway, so he bought those, instead of "newer" ones.

So...I do sometimes, but not always. :)
re: Do you buy fruits, veggies or meat that is just about to go bad?
By CaffeinePremium member Comments: 3194, member since Wed Aug 08, 2007
On Sun Mar 15, 2015 05:17 AM
Like T, if I know we're going to use it within date*, I'll more than happily buy stuff close to the use by/sell by/best before date. I've had more issues with in-date juice (nudie juice, I'm looking at you!) going bad soon after being opened than I've had with stuff close to expiring.

Things like odd-shaped or marked fruit and veg are often sold cheaper, when there is nothing wrong with them. We've just been brainwashed into thinking the only good fruits are the perfectly homogenised blemish-free specimens of perfection. Bah humbug.

*non-perishables like dry goods generally have a half-life twice that of their sell-by date. We stock up on the good stuff when it's on special!
re: Do you buy fruits, veggies or meat that is just about to go bad?
By hummingbird Comments: 10442, member since Mon Apr 18, 2005
On Sun Mar 15, 2015 06:39 AM
A sell by date and a use by date are two completely different things, stores reduce items when they get close to a sell by date, in the case of meat and dairy that is well before they are about to go bad. Do I buy them, heck yes! I a large family, if I can save myself some money that's all good! In the case of fruit and veg if I'm going to use it quickly and its in a good state still of course I'll buy it. :)