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"Step Up Revolution", "Step Up All In" and "Step Up Revolution Hip Hop Cardio" Videos
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On Tue Mar 24, 2015 04:34 PM
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I have watched these videos and I find them very good. Misha Gabriel is an amazing dancer. I enjoyed all these movies very much.

Misha is teaching the routines in the "Step Up Revolution Hip Hop Cardio" DVD along with Micki Duran (who played a dancer in the TV show Roundhouse years ago).

I'm new to hip hop and I find these movies very informative and the exercise DVD very helpful.

Minor drawback I have is with the arthritis in my left knee that I cannot stand for long periods. However, I have modified each routine on the DVD while sitting in a chair and I still get the same benefits.

Definitely something to see if you all like dance movies. Just wanted to post my reviews.