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Really Useful Homework Help Websites, Long post (karma: 2)
By mieka
On Sun Mar 29, 2015 06:25 AM


I finished my high school 2 years ago now, but I've recently been looking through my old work. I thought about all the old tips and tricks that used to help me, and now I want to share them with you! I used most of these sites personally, at high school and university level. Hope it helps!

1. Khan Academy.

Sign up for free! It offers basic to intermediate level maths exercises. It offers stats to evaluate your performance and insight into where you should improve. Great if you're just starting high school, and also very useful for pre-calculus and refreshing the memory for more advanced topics.
It also has videos on history, science, test prep and computing. All for free! No catches.

2. Memrise. Another free site.

Similar to Khan Academy, although useful for mainly learning vocab. A lot of textbooks have uploaded their vocabulary lists onto this site, so if you're doing a language it's worth searching for your core texts. A lot of variation from beginner to advanced, and it doesn't let you go on to harder material until you master the easier stuff!

3. Wordreference forums.

Ask native language speakers about grammar, colloquial language terms and much more. Also provides a lot of resources to other links outside of the website for language learning. Please note: these are real people and as always be careful of online strangers! The other rule of this forum is that they do not translate full texts for you; try your best in the language but do not expect full translations, rather a discussion and then a breakdown of possible answers.

4. . . .

Generic math exercises of different levels complete with explanations, it also has a scientific calculator. Goes through the steps first and then allows the student to try an exercise. Basic but useful.

5. Using English; ask a teacher. . . .

Very similar to wordreference, but this time exclusively for english! Same rules apply as WR. Never used it personally but some of my friends did and they liked it, so worth a shot.


General languages Just select the language and off you go! Also has verb conjugator.

French . . . french-french dictionary, more advanced as there is no english. pure and simple, conjugates the verb in all forms. . . . Conjugates and explains, english language site. . . . Another conjugation website.

German: . . . Dictionary and thesaurus, also offers translations into other languages. . . . Audio and textual lessons of german grammar. . . . German verb conjugation

german.about.candom . . . German Grammar with explanations! Lots of simple and useful exercises. . . . more grammar exercises! Yay!

Chinese (Mandarin): . . . Chinese dictionary . . . Learn the chinese radicals, the fundementals of writing Chinese.

Dutch: dictionary, thesaurus, conjugator. Not sure how many Dutch students out there but hope this helps!

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re: Really Useful Homework Help Websites, Long post
By Kittydoodles
On Mon Mar 30, 2015 08:02 AM
Word reference is the best!


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