new to teaching, advice please :)
By AgapeDance38
On 03/30/2015 15:36:29
Hello everyone! I am starting my first experience with teaching in a few weeks, with a spring session. I am wondering if any of you have any tips, advice, games or just specific thoughts that you could through my way. I am super excited, but also a bit nervous, LOL! I am going to be teaching tap for ages 3 and up in a small town community center, so it will be a new experience for the community as well as myself.
re: new to teaching, advice please :)
By AgapeDance38
On 04/09/2015 20:00:04
Thank you very much!!! do you have any thoughts on games or attention grabbing ideas?
re: new to teaching, advice please :)
By dancetcher1
On 04/20/2015 22:17:17
Have a few props to use. These are especially useful if you are "losing" the class. Oh, get a roll of tape, I use blue painters tape, and put a spot of tape on the floor for each dancer to stand. You can have them sit on the spot, stand on the spot, go to the spot, etc. ~~ very useful! Be sure to smile a lot. The little girls will start out scared and unsure of what this is!! I sit down in a circle with all of the little girls, explain how we "take roll". Look at their precious eyes, they are just these itty bitty dancers. If you need an ice breaker, you can try something like "I have a kitty cat at home". Or you could talk about carrots, ? trying to think of something they know!! While in the sitting circle have them stretch out legs and click shoes, then lift one leg and flex, point foot, change and do other leg/foot. Next I do little kitty cats(my hands) walking down my legs, kiss legs, walk kitties up body, overhead and clap hands 3 times. Repeat with doggies, etc. Have fun and enjoy yourself and they will enjoy the class too. Oh, and sometimes the girls will make up something that everyone can act (dance) out!!
re: new to teaching, advice please :)
By bryansumner
On 08/28/2021 02:40:38
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