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London school with performance opportunities for adults?
By shanaree Comments: 3, member since Mon Mar 30, 2015
On Tue Mar 31, 2015 02:00 AM

I wasn't quite sure where to post this, as although I am an adult student (32), I am looking for a studio that accepts adult students into their regular (not adult/beginner) classes and allows them to perform in the year end shows.

I have been living on London for just over three years and have attended all of the typical adult drop in classes at the big studios and have also joined two amateur ballet companies. I also take Adv 1 at RAD hq in Battersea. While they are fun and I meet loads of other dancers, they do not provide me with the same level of training as my last studio in Canada.

Despite being older than the other students, I took part in RAD syllabus and open classes and took exams with the rest of the students. I performed in the shows without question.

I had such a good experience in this studio and was trained to a high standard as I was corrected and given as much training as the other students.

Does anyone know of or belong to a studio in London that allows older students to join classes and shows with the other students? I am trained to RAD Adv 1 level and am keen to continue my training without falling into the 'adult student' trap, which is only open classes and little to no corrections and improvement in technique. I also really miss performing!

Thanks everyone :)