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Is it time to switch studios?
By TheUnpaintedPath Comments: 1, member since Wed May 13, 2015
On Wed May 13, 2015 01:46 AM

I've been giving changing studio some serious thought for a couple months now, I love the girls there and most of the teachers at my current studio, the problem is they are so unprofessional. Like they always start class 5 minutes late, after breaks instead of going back to work they sit around and gossip about STUDENTS!! But the thing that bothers me the most is they have their group of favorites (I'm not one of them even though I'm the hardest worker) and I never get corrections or any attention, in recital dances I always get shoved in the back corners even though,again I work the hardest, one time I came home crying because this girl who disrespects the teacher and is very lazy in class got the solo part in our ballet dance even though I'm the best at ballet. I suppose the only reasons I haven't switched is because like the girls and teachers, and I hate to admit I'm scared if I switch I won't make any friend. Any opinions or advice on the switch or how to make friend, please comment

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re: Is it time to switch studios?
By imadanseurPremium member Comments: 16604, member since Thu Dec 04, 2003
On Mon May 18, 2015 10:01 AM
If you are asking if it is time to switch, it probably is. Go and try a few studios out...take a few classes, get a feel for the kids, the studio owner, the overall vibe of the lobby and then it might not be so scary to move to another place. Sometimes it is time to grow and move on. That's okay! =)
re: Is it time to switch studios?
By Sumayah Comments: 6945, member since Wed Nov 12, 2008
On Mon May 18, 2015 10:47 AM
When I was a young dancer, I ended up changing studios. It was nothing against the studio I was at, but a couple of moves and circumstances made it such that I found myself at wholly new place. Because different teachers focus on different things, having a variety of instructors can make you a more well rounded dancer. I know that was certainly my experience.

Be aware that if you have been trained in a certain style of ballet (RAD, Checchetti, Vaganova, French, ABT, etc), a different teacher may teach the same step using different terminology or placement. Your job is to adapt to the new style, but yet remember placement and corrections from before. Then as you grow as a dancer, you can apply the corrections that best suit your body and training.

And if you are friends with the girls at your studio, you don't need to stop being friends with them. To this day, some of my closest friends were women I danced with when we were girls. Do what you need to do for you, and if that means changing studios, then so be it. Remember that you and your dreams are worth pursuing and if a more focused pre-pro studio will get you there, then do it!

One more word of advice, not all training is equal. So while you may the big fish in your current pond, you may discover that at another studio you are a small fish. If so, use that to challenge you and push you to grow and do better! The goal is to outgrow every pool you find yourself in. That's how professional dancers are made, they continue to work hard and then even when they're the best, they work even harder.