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Shoes for turning - really?
By amandaj Comments: 3, member since Thu May 28, 2015
On Fri May 29, 2015 10:38 AM

I was just reading another post on turns, and I have a question, but I thought it would be more appropriate for create a separate post.

I know a few years ago we switched from shoes to bare feet, then a bunch of products came out like dance paws and foodundiez. Now I hear that there are new products you just wear on your turning foot.

Has anyone tried them? Is this all dance shoe companies trying to sell more or does this stuff really make a difference?

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re: Shoes for turning - really?
By Red5 Comments: 9, member since Sat Jul 11, 2015
On Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:29 AM
I know there are these things called "turn boards" that help to train for good turning skills but besides from that I am not sure.