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Dancing on vinyl floor tiles?
By homedancer Comments: 2, member since Sun May 31, 2015
On Sun May 31, 2015 02:42 PM

For my birthday, my parents have agreed to turn half of my room into a dance studio. I've done a lot of research on building a floor.

Im doing something like this . . .

(If you can't view that video look up How to Build a Dance Floor" on Youtube)

The only difference is that it will be inside over carpet and the measurements are 6 feet by 9.

So I'm going to build the base, drill the plywood on but I am wondering what to put over that!

I know I can't do laminate flooring, but I was wondering if Vinyl will work. I'm currently looking at the vinyl floor tiles at home depot and I'm wondering A) if it will be ok to dance on B) if any of the tiles THAT ARE LESS THAN $1 PER SQUARE FOOT would work.