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Advice needed for getting back in to tap
By iv_loves_pointe Comments: 171, member since Mon Aug 01, 2011
On Tue Jun 02, 2015 08:17 PM

Hello everyone!

So I decided to get back into tap. Here is my background:

I danced tap from age 3-12. Tap was pretty much my thing! I loved it and I was always placed in advanced classes with older students. I love to perform and words can't explain how much tap means to me. When I turned 13 I switched studios to focus on just ballet (my old studio was not a good evironment for me anymore) and I am now 17. Since 13 I have been dancing ballet and pointe very seriously and I am a senior dancer (I do lead roles and teach the little kids :D ) I love ballet so much!

My dance soul has been dying to tap again, though! I go to another studio down the street that offers all styles to take a tap class once a week (So now I go to two studios). I just came back from my third class.

I have been having a lot of trouble getting back into it, though. We mostly learn a combo for the class and do it over and over. I just can't seem to pick up the choreography and I don't really remember how to do a lot of the steps. I start to get really nervous and then I can't remember the choreography. Today, we had to perform the choreography one by one and I totally made a fool out of myself. The girls and the teachers are super supportive, I just feel a little disappointed that I'm not getting into it yet. I know I love tap, this has just been a little blow though. It's kind of weird because in ballet, I can hear the combination once and bam I got it down, but for tap, I'm having a lot of trouble. :(

Any tips for getting accommodated to a new studio and getting back into the groove of tap?

I know when I switched to my ballet studio the same type of thing happened to me - I had trouble with the steps and the new environment..I'm hoping it's the same thing!

Thanks so much!

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re: Advice needed for getting back in to tap
By Theresamember has saluted, click to view salute photosPremium member Comments: 34923, member since Wed May 22, 2002
On Tue Jun 02, 2015 08:49 PM
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Relax! You haven't done it since you were 12! And sure, you were advanced for the level/environment/age that you were at the time, but a lot happens in five years - especially if that five years includes a studio change. ...and time off.

Don't take yourself so seriously. Go out there, do the best you can FOR YOU, laugh it off, and try again. Over time, you'll start to build the muscle memory for tap back up, and it'll start to come a little more natural.