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What Dances Do You Typically Have To Do At A Feis?
By reelgirl59 Comments: 11, member since Sat Sep 13, 2014
On Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:10 PM

I am a fairly new Irish dancer and I was potentially interested in feising. Is there a minimum of dances you can sign up for? I'm on a budget and don't want to be doing stuff like treble reel and traditional set. What is the lowest number of dances I can register for while still being able to move up in ranks? By the way, I'm in Mid-America region if that should make any difference. Thanks for your help!!

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re: What Dances Do You Typically Have To Do At A Feis?
By Mariel4444 Comments: 583, member since Thu Aug 14, 2003
On Sat Jul 04, 2015 07:48 AM
Usually you pay a fee for soft shoe dances and then for hard shoe dances. So you can't say I want to pay for hornpipe and not treble jig. But there is no minimum on how many you dance, you can go and only dance your reel if that is what you want to do. It just that after you pay for soft shoe dances and then if there is a venue fee or entrance fee tacked on to your registration ($20 usually in Western region) many people feel like it is more financially worth it to dance more than less.
re: What Dances Do You Typically Have To Do At A Feis?
By GirlGeekPremium member Comments: 29, member since Tue Apr 22, 2014
On Sat Jul 04, 2015 08:59 AM
To the best of my (undercaffeinated) recollection, I've seen the flat fees for soft and hardshoe dances only in the Western Region; everywhere else, I've paid per event.

As far as required dances: there are a few different answer to that:

1) To make prelim in MidAm, you need to get open prizewinner firsts in all 4 core dances; I'd definitely go with those.

2) Trad Set is handy if you end up on a team that goes to the Oireachtas but you're not eligible to dance in the main solo comps; there's usually a trad set competition available for those folks. Trad sets are also useful if you aspire to teach, but you wouldn't have to necessarily complete in that category.

3) As always, your TCRG may have additional requirements for his or her dancers.

4) When you can swing it, treble reel comps are a lot of fun. :>
re: What Dances Do You Typically Have To Do At A Feis?
By fouleafmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 112, member since Thu Mar 04, 2004
On Sat Jul 04, 2015 09:50 AM
You don't have to do all of the main dances at a feis, there's no minimum to compete - you could just do one dance and be done with it. There's also no minimum number of dances or competitions per feis to move up. You just need two things for a placing to move you up - at least 5 competitors and to place high enough to move up.

As previously mentioned, some feiseanna have a fee per soft and hard shoe and the individual number of dances doesn't matter. So, you could do Reel, Light Jig, Slip Jig, and Single Jig all for the same price as just Reel.

In Southern and Mid-America, it's pretty common to pay by the dance. The fee is usually around $8 per dance. Not all feiseanna need to offer all the soft shoes in all levels. While they typically do in Beginner, I don't always have the option of doing Light or Single anymore.

Something to keep in mind is that feiseanna often charge a venue/admission/family fee to help offset costs. When they do have one, it can be anywhere from $5 to $25.
re: What Dances Do You Typically Have To Do At A Feis?
By GannTheGloriousmember has saluted, click to view salute photos Comments: 457, member since Tue Aug 28, 2012
On Sat Jul 04, 2015 01:54 PM
I've not yet seen a feis that requires a certain number of dances to be done. In fact, I know a few people who just did reel and light jig at their first feis or two, perfectly fine. Ask your teacher though, he/she may want dancers to sign up for certain dances.

For moving up, focus on reel, slip jig, hornpipe, and treble jig: these are your main dances that will be more important to move up.
re: What Dances Do You Typically Have To Do At A Feis?
By CarleIrishDancer Comments: 36, member since Tue Aug 12, 2014
On Thu Jul 30, 2015 04:03 PM
At a feis, dances are typically $8 and there's a family fee of about $15-20. If you've been dancing for over a year, you can completely skip beginner 1 and move to the advanced beginner/beginner 2 category (or by teacher permission). I think the absolute bare minimum of dances is one softshoe and one hardshoe. To move to champ, you must place a first in one softshoe and hardshoe dance in prozewinner. So in all technicality, you can pick 2 dances and move up through to champ. Most people dance the 4 core dances (reel, slip jig, treble jig, hornpipe), because you have double the chances to win. Basically what I'm saying is that the four core dances are the most important, though, in all fairness, you could move up by only doing a softshoe and a hardshoe dance. But if you only did 2, you can't compete in different combinations of 2 dances past AB/B2
re: What Dances Do You Typically Have To Do At A Feis?
By mrstaggart Comments: 26, member since Fri Sep 04, 2015
On Thu Sep 10, 2015 07:42 PM
The light jig is usually one of the first dances dancers compete in. It drops away as dancers focus on those 4 key dances: slip jig, reel, treble jig, and hornpipe. Check with your teachers to see if they want you to dance the light jig.

One reason to dance the traditional set is that you can compete at the Oireachtas in traditional set only. This can be a great way for a dancer who hasn't placed as a solo dancer (or who is over U14 and is not dancing at the champion level) to get to go to Oireachtas. Don't know if this is important to you, but it is something to keep in mind.