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Move Up or Switch Dance Schools to Slow Down?
By LochNessiePremium member Comments: 12, member since Sat May 17, 2014
On Wed Jul 08, 2015 03:32 PM
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My daughter is 9 and dances at Studio A at a pre-professional dance school. This past school year, she was dancing roughly three hours of ballet and one more hour of another style of dance per week. (2x per week committment.) Studio A has moved my daughter up a level for the next school year. Moving up a level would mean she would be dancing roughly six hours of ballet and two hours of another style of dance per week. (3x per week committment.) The possibility of moving up was out there (and it scared me a bit as a parent) and so I asked my daughter to audition at Studio B. She was very reluctant but did it. Studio B offered my daughter a spot in thier dance program. She would only be dancing 3 hours of ballet per week for the next school year. (2x per week committment.) This is a little less dancing overall but the same amount of ballet time as Studio A.

Is the leap in committment at Studio A normal?

I would like to move my daughter to Studio B to slow down her dancing but it is a hard sell. Her friends are at Studio A and it is a known quantity. Studio A thinks my daughter is ready for more and she wants to try to do more but what about school and other interests? She is just so little to me. Studio B happens to be more prestigious but because it is purely a ballet school, the ramp up is a bit slower than the dance school my daughter currently attends.

In the grand scheme, moving my daughter and holding her back one year is not such a big thing, right? I could ask Studio A if they would let my daughter repeat the level she was in last year but that doesn't seem right to me - the curriculum would be exactly the same so maybe it would not be very challenging?

Has anyone had a similar experience and is willing to offer some advice? I know what I would like to do but I don't know if it is really the right thing to do.


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