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crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:43 AM

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time to face some realities?

When I have to re-find items of lost history, apparently I need to search ALL sources, hence, here be the new edition. With portions from the older editions, so I don't lose them completely.

Now, just to remember how things are done here....

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re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:48 AM
Putting things near the top, in order to make it easier to find them... e.g. previous diary... . . .

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re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Mon Jul 13, 2015 02:39 AM
L-glutamine and hashi's? . . .
"Glutamine, or L-glutamine, is an amino acid derived from another amino acid, glutamic acid. Glutamine plays a role in the health of the immune system, digestive tract, and muscle cells, as well as other bodily functions. It appears to serve as a fuel for the cells that line the intestines. Heavy exercise, infection, surgery, and trauma can deplete the body's glutamine reserves, particularly in muscle cells.

The fact that glutamine does so many good things in the body has led people to try glutamine supplements as a treatment for various conditions, including preventing the infections that often follow endurance exercise, reducing symptoms of overtraining syndrome, improving nutrition in critical illness, alleviating allergies, and treating digestive problems.

There is no daily requirement for glutamine because the body can make its own supply. As mentioned earlier, various severe stresses may result in a temporary glutamine deficiency.

High-protein foods such as meat, fish, beans, and dairy products are excellent sources of glutamine. Typical daily intake from food ranges from approximately 1 to 6 g.
Therapeutic Dosages TOP

Typical therapeutic dosages of glutamine used in studies ranges from 3 to 30 g daily, divided into several separate doses.
Therapeutic Uses TOP

Endurance athletes frequently catch cold after completing a marathon or similar forms of exercise. Preliminary evidence, including one small double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, suggests that glutamine supplements might help prevent such infections.1-5

Another small double-blind, placebo-controlled trial suggests that glutamine might support standard therapy for angina.34 Note : Angina is too dangerous a disease for self-treatment. If you have angina, do not take glutamine (or any other supplement) except on the advice of a physician.

Because, as noted above, cells of the intestine use glutamine for fuel, the supplement has been tried as a supportive treatment for various digestive conditions, with mixed results. Tested uses include reducing diarrhea caused by the drug nelfinavir (used for treatment of HIV),37 digestive distress caused by cancer chemotherapy,15,16 and symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.9-14

Glutamine appears to help reduce leakage through the intestinal wall.7,8,38 On this basis, glutamine has also been suggested as a treatment for food allergies, according to the idea that in some people whole proteins leak through the wall of the digestive tract and enter the blood, causing allergic reactions (so-called leaky gut syndrome). However, as yet there is no reliable evidence that glutamine actually provides any benefits for food allergies.

Preliminary evidence suggests glutamine combined with antioxidants or other nutrients may help people with HIV to gain weight.17,18 Glutamine (often combined with other nutrients) also appears to be useful as a nutritional supplement for people undergoing recovery from major surgery or critical illness.6,39

Glutamine has been tried as an ergogenic aid for bodybuilders, but two small trials failed to find any evidence of benefit.35,36

Based on glutamine's role in muscle, it has been suggested that glutamine might be useful for athletes experiencing overtraining syndrome. As the name suggests, this syndrome is the cumulative effect of a training regimen that allows too little rest and recovery between workouts. Symptoms include depression, fatigue, reduced performance, and physiological signs of stress. Glutamine supplements have additionally been proposed as treatment for attention deficit disorder, ulcers, and as a " brain booster." However, there is little to no scientific evidence for any of these uses.
What Is the Scientific Evidence for Glutamine? TOP
Infections in Athletes

Endurance exercise temporarily reduces immunity to infection. This effect may be due in part to reduction of glutamine in the body, although not all studies agree.19-23,34

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluated the benefits of supplemental glutamine (5 g) taken at the end of exercise in 151 endurance athletes.24 The results showed a significant decrease in infections among treated athletes. Only 19% of the athletes taking glutamine got sick, as compared to 51% of those on placebo.

For other approaches to this problem, see the article titled Sports and Fitness Support: Aids to Recovery.
Recovery From Critical Illness

One small double-blind study found that glutamine supplements might have significant nutritional benefits for seriously ill people.25 In this study, 84 critically ill hospital patients were divided into two groups. All the patients were being fed through a feeding tube. One group received a normal feeding-tube diet, whereas the other group received this diet plus supplemental glutamine. After 6 months, 14 of the 42 patients receiving glutamine had died, compared with 24 of the control group. The glutamine group also left both the intensive care ward and the hospital significantly sooner than the patients who did not receive glutamine. Benefits have been seen in other controlled trials as well.40

Cancer Chemotherapy TOP

There is mixed evidence regarding whether glutamine can reduce the side effects of cancer chemotherapy. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 70 people undergoing chemotherapy with the drug 5-FU for colorectal cancer found that glutamine at a dose of 18 g daily improved intestinal function and structure, and reduced the need for antidiarrheal drugs.28 However, a double-blind trial of 65 women undergoing various forms of chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer failed to find glutamine at 30 g per day helpful for reducing diarrhea.29

Based on a review of several studies, there is some preliminary evidence that glutamine may help relieve the pain associated with nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) caused by some chemotherapy drugs.43
Angina TOP

Researchers conducted investigations in rats and found that glutamine could protect the heart from damage caused by loss of oxygen.34 Based on these findings, they went on to evaluate the effects of glutamine in ten people with chronic angina who were also taking standard medication. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, each participant received a single oral dose of glutamine (80 mg per kg of body weight) or placebo 40 minutes before a treadmill test. A week later, each participant received the opposite treatment. The results showed that use of glutamine significantly enhanced the ability of participants to exercise without showing signs of heart stress. Based on the results in rats, researchers suggest that a higher dose of glutamine would be worth trying.
Crohn's Disease TOP

Because glutamine is the major fuel source for cells of the small intestine, glutamine has been proposed as a treatment for Crohn's disease, a disease of the small intestine.30 However, two double-blind trials enrolling a total of 30 people found no benefit.31,32
Sports Performance TOP

A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 31 people ranging from 18 to 24 years of age evaluated the potential benefits of glutamine as a sports supplement for improving response to resistance training (weight lifting).35 Participants received either placebo or glutamine at a dose of 0.9 g per kg of lean tissue mass. After 6 weeks of resistance training, participants taking glutamine showed no relative improvement in performance, composition, or muscle protein degradation.

Similarly, negative results were seen in a small double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of weightlifters using a dose of 0.3 g per kg of total body weight.36
Safety Issues TOP

As a naturally occurring amino acid, glutamine is thought to be a safe supplement when taken at recommended dosages. There is strong evidence that glutamine is safe at levels up to 14 g per day, although higher dosages have been tested without apparent adverse effects.42

Nevertheless, those who are hypersensitive to monosodium glutamate (MSG) should use glutamine with caution, as the body metabolizes glutamine into glutamate. Also, because many anti-epilepsy drugs work by blocking glutamate stimulation in the brain, high dosages of glutamine might conceivably overwhelm these drugs and pose a risk to people with epilepsy. In one case report, high doses of the supplement L-glutamine (more than 2 g per day) may have triggered episodes of mania in two people not previously known to have bipolar disorder.33 In a small randomized trial including 30 older people, L-glutamine did not cause any clinically significant changes in lab tests. The researchers did urge caution, though, since there were some statistically significant changes for certain kidney levels.44

Maximum safe dosages for young children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease have not been determined.
Interactions You Should Know About TOP

If you are taking:

Antiseizure medications, including carbamazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin (Dilantin), primidone (Mysoline), and valproic acid (Depakene): Use glutamine only under medical supervision.
Nelfinavir or other protease inhibitors for HIV, or cancer chemotherapy drugs: Use of glutamine may reduce intestinal side effects.

References[ + ]
Last reviewed September 2014 by EBSCO CAM Review Board
Last Updated: 9/18/2014

relevant: . . .

glutamine and pain: . . .

re: cvs, comes in powder form.. e.g. whey? maybe Brookline has it.. didn't I see it?
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Mon Jul 13, 2015 05:57 AM
hives as a result of venipuncture? for cortisol and aldosterone?
plus obvious latex tape..
it smelled like contrast...?

hives from venipuncture? . . . . . . . . .!ut/p/c1/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os_hACzO_QCM_IwMLXyM3AyNjMycDU2dXQwN3M6B8JG55AwMCuv088nNT9QtyI8oBPK_DWA!!/dl2/d1/L0lDU0NTQ1FvS1VRIS9JSFJBQUlnb0FNeUtibTZtL1lCSkp3NDU0a3N1eWx3ISEvN19VRTRTMUk5MzBPR1MyMElTM080TjJONjY4MC9zZWFyY2hCeUtleXdvcmQ!/?criterion=004440 . . .
Higher than normal cortisol levels may be sign of:

Cushing’s disease, which causes the pituitary gland to release too much ACTH due to excess growth of the pituitary gland
tumor of the adrenal gland, resulting in excess cortisol production
tumor elsewhere in the body that is involved in cortisol production . . . . . . -- but did she administer? . . .

Cortrosyn . . .

cortrosyn side effects: . . . -- maybe here? . . .
Since CORTROSYN™ (cosyntropin) for Injection is intended for diag-nostic and not therapeutic use, adverse reactions other than a rare hypersensitivity reaction are not anticipated. A rare hypersensitivity reaction usually associated with a pre-existing allergic disease and/or a previous reaction to natural ACTH is possible. Symptoms may include slight whealing with splotchy erythema at the injection site. There have been rare reports of anaphylactic reaction. The following adverse reactions have been reported in patients after the admin-istration of CORTROSYN™ (cosyntropin) and the association has been neither confirmed nor refuted:

peripheral edema
rash -- yup. . . .
Drug eruptions: Certain drugs can produce skin rash as an unwanted side effect. The common appearance is similar to rashes produced by certain common viral infections. On the other hand, drugs may produce a wide variety of other types of rashes.

Rashes not caused by infectious organisms, can be treated with over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream for a week or so prior to seeking medical attention. Over-the-counter oral antihistamines like diphenhydramine (Benadryl) or hydroxyzine** (Vistaril, Atarax) can be helpful in controlling the itching sensation. ** script, probably too powerful for me.

so, how to cope with the "itchies" when benadryl/diphenhydramine would be too potent.. yikes!

Brings back memories: 1) "I'll just 'zoom' this over here..."
2) Courtney: "We do NOT zoom!"
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Tue Aug 04, 2015 04:35 PM
Edited by ShadowLunaCat (106208) on 2015-08-04 16:47:15 wow! great weather -- and dumb lj is down for maint!
Edited by ShadowLunaCat (106208) on 2015-08-04 16:57:06 more information about the previous.
wild weather including thunderstorm, and thunderclouds with tornado - ROTATION!

coolness! . . .

from Channel 5 -- smartphone holograms: . . . . . . . . . . . .
Tornadoes Possible in Northeast
Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari talks about the possibility of tornadoes in the Northeast Tuesday evening.
Parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic will see the threat of severe weather Tuesday ahead of a cold front. A few severe thunderstorms are also possible in parts of the Plains.

(ON THIS PAGE: Severe Weather Forecast | Radar, Watches, Warnings | Severe Weather Live Blog)

The Northeast has been hard hit by storms over the past 36 hours. Severe storms are blamed for three deaths in New England, and about a quarter of Rhode Island's population lost power due to storms early Tuesday.

(MORE: New England Storms Turn Deadly)

On Tuesday afternoon, hail was reported in parts of Massachusetts, including the Boston metro area where hail up to two inches in diameter was reported. There were also numerous reports of trees down across central and eastern Massachusetts.

Portions of Kansas and Nebraska also saw severe thunderstorms with two inch diameter hail in Bird City, Kansas and a wind gust of 60 mph was measured near Elwood, Nebraska.

NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has issued the following severe weather watches:

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 8 p.m. EDT for Maine, New Hampshire and most of Massachusetts (including Boston).
A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 9 p.m. CDT for portions of northwestern Kansas and southwestern Nebraska, including Goodland and McCook.
A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 11 p.m. CDT for parts of western Kansas, including Dodge City and Russell.
We have the latest severe threat forecasts, radar maps including watches and warnings, as well as our live blog with the latest severe weather tweets from The Weather Channel and local National Weather Service offices below. . . .

rotation headed for Chincoteague, but no chasers or warnings?

Globe: . . . . . . . . .

[img] . . .[1].jpg[/img]

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Image hotlink - ''

Image hotlink - '' . . . . . . . . .
Image hotlink - '' . . .
Image hotlink - '' . . . . . .

this is part of history -- still, relevant! . . .

at library near Ann's: Chuck Guest . . . . . . . . .
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Tue Aug 04, 2015 05:26 PM . . . "Bionerd" from "Uranium -- Twisting the Dragon's tail."

1. . . .

2. . . .
Radioactive girl! 'Superhero' scientist ventures into the heart of Chernobyl exclusion zone to eat the 'toxic' apples and pose in the reactor's control room - defying officials who say humans can't live there for at least 20,000 years

Read more: . . .
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Anonymous vlogger Bionerd has become cult figure in the science world for her thrilling videos shot in Chernobyl
During visits to measure radiation she's been bitten by 'radioactive' ants and eaten contaminated apples from trees
Says she's more likely to get cancer from swimming in the sea - but officials say it's so dangerous to live there
PUBLISHED: 01:58 EST, 28 April 2015 | UPDATED: 02:24 EST, 29 April 2015
"A 'superhero' scientist has ventured into one of the most radioactive places in the world - scaling missile defence system towers, getting bitten by 'radioactive' ants and eating contaminated apples that have grown on trees close to Chernobyl's epicentre.
Anonymous scientist Bionerd has attracted thousands of subscribers to her YouTube channel for her visits into the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the site of a devastating nuclear explosion 29 years ago on April 26, 1986, as she measures the high levels of radiation still lingering in the air.
Since the disaster the site has been closed off to the world, with Ukrainian scientists agreeing that the area isn't habitable for humans for at least 20,000 years.
Despite this, the daredevil researcher claims she has exposed herself to more radiation swimming in the sea and visiting hospital - and says the most scared she's felt during her six visits was getting dangerously close to a rabid fox and walking by abandoned, dilapidated buildings.

Speaking to MailOnline Bionerd won't give her real name – because 'Nobody should adore a scientist, one should adore his or her work' – but explains how she has come to 'love' the disaster zone.
'At first it was just about the radiation, the contamination, measuring what was going on. By now, it's for a love of the place', she said.
'Nobody who has not seen this place is able to fully grasp this; a lot of people will think it's crazy.
'But if you've been there and experienced the zone as it truly is - a time capsule - you will understand.

'Time stopped the moment the reactor blew, and I don't just mean the readings on the clocks... And if you embrace it, you can understand the zone's true meaning.'
The 29th anniversary of the disaster was marked on Sunday, and it is still regarded as the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. Thirty-one people died in the direct aftermath, but the long term effects of the population living close by are still being investigated.
As well as conducting scientific experiments measuring the amount of radiation with her bright yellow Geiger counter, Bionerd's videos also show the eeriness of the once thriving and busy area, now abandoned and inhospitable.
Yet despite the obvious dangers, Bionerd says she has exposed herself to more radiation when going for a medical procedure in hospital - and is more likely to get skin cancer by swimming in the sea without wearing sunscreen.
'The received dose of radiation [in Chernobly] was far too minor', she said.
'If anything, the medical procedures have exposed me to far greater amounts of radiation than Chernobyl ever will, so if I was to have a 'radiation induced cancer', I probably got it at the emergency room.

'It was very stupid of me to go swimming in the sea multiple times without re-applying sun protection, and I hope I won't have to pay for this ignorance one day.'
'When necessary - which which was very few occasions - I was wearing gloves and/or a respirator and/or shoe protection so I don't get contaminated', she added.
'I was extremely cautious about the buildings, as some of them have partially collapsed and are highly dangerous to enter.
'Being buried by a collapsing wall is the true physical danger in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
'I was also carefully looking out for animals, especially as rabies is a big issue in any rural area in the Ukraine - and thus, also in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, which is a wildlife habitat more than anything else.'

Her encounter with a rabid fox is one of the few times on Bionerd's YouTube videos that you hear genuine panic in her voice, as the wild creature comes dangerously close to her car.
Reflecting on the impact that nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl has had on the surrounding environment, Bionerd said she doesn't see it as an 'ideal' energy source.
'In regard to stuff going really wrong, well, that rarely happens - in comparison to total running reactors versus time - and even if it does, it kills a lot less people in total than mining for coal or the smog resulting from emissions from coal plants.

But after coal, it's still the second-worst source of power because of all that waste that is produced. Both the chemicals during separation and enrichment of uranium or spent fuel as well as the radioactive waste that results in the end of a fuel cycle are a huge issue.
'In theory, I'd say 'Research nuclear reactors: Yes! Nuclear power as an energy source: No!'
But there, look at me - on my computer, with the lights on, drinking some coffee i have just prepared using one kW of power.
'We should also look into means of producing cleaner energy, for example nuclear fusion.

'But I cannot demand that we shut off coal plants followed by nuclear power plants within the next ten years, as we need to have a true, reliable and sufficient alternative before that step.'
And while Bionerd's videos are rightly receiving praise from around the world due to their scientific content, many have flocked to praise Bionerd's punk style and good looks.
How does she feel about that attention?
'If somebody flatters me, it's quite awkward - kind of like if you hand in a manuscript to a book your have put a lot of time and effort into while writing it, and the publisher then writes back to you and just says that you have an absolutely beautiful and marvellous handwriting.
'It's not a bad thing, but it's not really what you want to hear, either.'
To see more, visit Bionerd's YouTube channel.
Read more:
Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
bionerd23 - YouTube

Image hotlink - ''
Share with Eric. . . .

Read more: . . .
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re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:07 PM
more on severe storm... A mentioned golfball sized hail. knocked the electrical connection off of an electric bus! . . .

video of hailstorm, and he was stuck in a truck! . . .

omni: . . .

and this: . . .
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:17 AM
more from storms/microburst in Boston area. Different for RI, CT, elsewhere, please add pictures, video!

Microburst in AZ: . . .

from Channel 5 -- intense storm makes Boston skyline disappear: . . .

ibid, 2" hail: . . .

ibid, huge lightning bolt hits Boston: . . . (and elsewhere..)

ibid. 5's "You-local." . . .
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Sun Aug 16, 2015 04:04 AM
following through from volvo question: . . .

maybe here? . . .

or here: . . .

and then, this: . . .

Humidity, probably a factor: . . .

Hey! How do you learn if you don't ask questions?
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Tue Aug 18, 2015 06:36 AM
Great map reads from Channel 5!

from June 2015 forward:
June 23 -
"Tornado WARNING extended all the way to the coast in Plymouth County until 7pm. Live on �#�WCVB�, send us reports safely"
Image hotlink - ''

July 1, gusty thunderstorms, great light show! Image hotlink - ''

Boston Weather Updates
July 19 at 8:20pm ·
You can see the intense cells have the most lightning strikes. Over 1500 in the last 30-minutes. �#�wcvb�

Image hotlink - ''

Boston Weather Updates
August 11 at 8:28am ·
Showers have moved into Boston now, but heavy rain bands are back in West MA. What is happening where you are? �#�WCVB�

Image hotlink - ''

Boston Weather Updates
August 11 at 12:16pm ·
Heavy rain moving into downtown Boston right now! An update next on �#�WCVB� at noon.

Image hotlink - ''

Boston Weather Updates
August 15 at 3:29pm ·
I'm watching a couple of storms in NH with heavy downpours & lightning. They are moving to the east. Be alert! �#�WCVB�

nailed Allston. Image hotlink - ''

Aug 15
Severe T'Storm Warning until 6 for Essex county. Quarter size hail, wind gusts to 60, downpours, & lightning

Hit Leanna's house, knocked out power, fried her computer.
Image hotlink - ''

Aug 15:
Another Severe T'Storm Warning now for Worcester & Middlesex counties...quarter size hail & heavy rain

Image hotlink - ''

Also Aug 15: 5"36pm
Great shot from our cam of a rain shaft in one of the storms! These storms have torrential rains & lightning
Image hotlink - ''

Boston Weather Updates
August 15 at 6:42pm ·
Severe T'Storm Warning until 7:15 for orange area & a flash flood warning for green area. Please be careful! ‪#‎WCVB‬'

I think THIS is the one with the golfball size hail: Image hotlink - '' hit Cambridge/Watertown/Allston

Boston Weather Updates
August 15 at 7:03pm ·
Gorgeous sunset over Boston, but storms off in the distance. What are you seeing? Who has hail? Wind damage? ‪#‎WCVB‬
Image hotlink - ''

... And here it is!

Boston Weather Updates
August 15 at 7:47pm ·
I am tracking a new line of slow moving storms moving into central MA. Downpours & tons of lightning. ‪#‎WCVB‬

WOW! Image hotlink - ''

Boston Weather Updates
August 15 at 8:05pm ·
Latest storm damage reports. Lots of trees down. What are you seeing? Please tweet/fb me your pics & obs! ‪#‎WCVB‬

L sent in hail pics! Image hotlink - ''

Boston Weather Updates
August 15 at 9:02pm ·
Over 250 lightning strikes & heavy rain in this large cell moving toward Worcester. Let me know what you see! ‪#‎WCVB‬

Image hotlink - ''

Boston Weather Updates
August 15 at 10:13pm ·
What a light show tonight! Over 300 strikes with this cell alone! Continue to tweet/fb me what you are seeing! ‪#‎WCVB‬

Image hotlink - ''

Aug 16:
Lots of storms reports from yesterday! If you have any pics or videos of damage esp. in Natick tweet/fb me! TY!‪#‎WCVB‬

For BrazilBoy: Image hotlink - ''
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Tue Aug 18, 2015 06:45 AM
So I can remember where this is: . . .
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Wed Aug 19, 2015 01:28 AM
Boston Weather Updates
11 hrs ·
Areas of strong t-storms with torrential rain & lots of lightning �#�wcvb�"

And, some of those strikes were pretty damn LOUD!

I got caught in a torrential downpour at about 3pm in Stoneham. Driving on rt 95 I couldn't see more than 10 feet in front if me at one point

Image hotlink - ''
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Fri Aug 28, 2015 01:39 PM
re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Wed Sep 02, 2015 04:13 PM
Edited by ShadowLunaCat (106208) on 2015-09-02 16:19:54 adding more on DownEast America Reframed
Edited by ShadowLunaCat (106208) on 2015-09-02 17:06:40
documentary about lobster company in Maine and its' problems . . .


Here: . . .

interview with creators: . . .

makes you want to cry: . . .

Image hotlink - ''
"In the small lobster village of Prospect Harbor, Maine, the closing of the last remaining Sardine Cannery in the United States was in April 2010. A few months later, Boston-based entrepreneur Antonio Bussone purchased the plant in hopes of re-building a lobster processing facility. He also planned on rehiring the laid-off sardine workers, most of whom are women over 65 years old.

Downeast, an experiential story that unfolds over the course of a year-and-a-half, documents Antonio's journey including the troubles he experiences on the first day in the town; local politicians oppose his vision of rebuilding the factory with the use of a $200,000 federal grant combined with his investment of more than $2 million dollars at a town-hall meeting. Undeterred, Antonio moves forward, determined to build and operate one of the first lobster factories in the United States." . . . $5 to rent. wish the workers in the plant could get this cash instead of the film site. . . .

Downeast (#210)
Set during an era of U.S. postindustrialization in which numerous factories have been exported, this documentary focuses on Antonio Bussone's efforts to open a processing factory in rural Maine. [86 minutes] Closed Captioning
Wed, September 2, 8:00 AM on IPTV World
Wed, September 2, 2:00 PM on IPTV World
Sat, September 5, 9:00 PM on IPTV World
Sun, September 6, 1:00 AM on IPTV World
Sun, September 6, 8:00 AM on IPTV World
Sun, September 6, 4:00 PM on IPTV World

couldn't find full ep,

Ebola MA -- Mature Audience . . .

re: crazy thoughts and ideas to laugh at, research, etc.
By ShadowLunaCatPremium member
On Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:02 AM
Loving this: . . .

first movement: . . .
slow movement: . . .

and this: . . .

this is pretty cool: . . .

also this: . . .

"hope and healing" need that! . . .

THINK BORGE! . . . . . .

"HANDS OFF, please" . . .
maybe better? . . .

!! Perlman rocks Klezmer! . . .


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