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How do I isolate a specific muscle, without compensating with others?
By BalletMulan Comments: 4, member since Tue Jul 21, 2015
On Tue Jul 21, 2015 04:57 PM

I am having trouble targeting specific areas when doing conditioning (weight lifting, resistance work, etc). For example, when I do a plank, it seems like it's my triceps and chest who are doing all the work, holding my body weight -- vs my lower abs (which i barely feel firing). Same thing with squats -- actually, my neck, chest, knees, quads takes a lot of impact as I go up and down -- i cannot feel my butt muscles 'firing'. Ditto for the overhead lifts, where I feel my neck and shoulders 'firing' vs my upper back (which should fire). I am pretty sure I am doing the move the correct way, perhaps I have other muscle imbalances that I need to work on beforehand?

Thanks for your advice : )