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Please help!!! I'm desperate!!!
By Tahitianlover19 Comments: 23, member since Thu Jan 30, 2014
On Tue Jul 28, 2015 06:46 PM

Okay so here's the problem my niece and I are tahitian dancers and we just finished a big competition that my nieces "mother" my sister " didn't attend ! My mom and I support my niece in this because it's what she loves to do and when she out there on the floor she is the happiest but my "sister" wouldn't know that because she doesn't come to any of her competitions or practices ! Which hurts my nieces feeling but she's fine as long as she gets to dance! But recently my sister told her that she will never dance again because she doesn't her to!! Which I think is completely wrong and selfish of her to do! My niece sat there and cried to me saying she doesn't know what to do she just wants to dance she doesn't want to do anything else but dance ! And she told her "mother" that but she will not listen to her she's so mean to her I think! How do I tell my sister in a nice way that she should let her do what she is happiest doing! Also just to let you guys know after our competition my niece was trying to tell her mom about it and show her pictures her "mother" wouldn't even give her the decency to listen to her and look at the pictures!! Please help me!