Chin stands!
By Tinawashere24
On 07/29/2015 22:34:50
So I'm not a gymnast, I'm a ballet dancer so I don't really know what I'm talking about :P. I have a chin stand in one of my dances. I can do the chin stand fine and my feet can even touch the floor, but I think I might be doing it wrong. I read somewhere that most of the pressure should be on your back not your neck, but when I do it I don't feel much of stretch in my back, and feel a terrible pain in my neck and head. It feels like my head will explode and my neck will snap if I go any farther and I can barely breathe at all. I usually feel kind of dizzy afterwards and I also had tiny red dots all over my face after rehearsal, I think they're petechiae (bleeding capillaries caused by prolonged straining) I guess I wanted to know if you think I'm doing it wrong to have so much strain in my neck, if it could cause any damage, and maybe tips on how to breathe if that's even possible, thanks:)!

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