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22 Yr Old Freestyle Hip-Hop-ANIMATION DUBSTEP Dancer
By iamawakeDance Comments: 2, member since Fri Sep 04, 2015
On Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:04 PM

Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and I'd like to get to know some people here, as well as finding dancers who are into animation hip-hop or any type of dance, because I find that anyone who's got passion for anything has a mind and heart as equal as our own.

This will be my introduction as well as my message to all the dancers out there who are reading this right now.

When you first find your true passion for something, it usually comes right after you've exited the storms of your life and have come to an awakening point to where you've found yourself, and then going into a journey of finding people who are in the same perception state of mentality.

These people are very spiritual and in touch with reality and their self.

I would like to meet more of those people (which is rare) but we attract what we are..
and that is why I am here.. :)

I'd like to present you my dance channel, you may take a look at it, and feel.. my energy.. and my emotions.. through how I project my imagination out in my movements..

I hope you enjoy it..

Dance is my life..

Thank you :)

My channel is
if you felt my ENERGY & EMOTION, please subscribe, I would like all my subscribers to have been inspired by my passion..